Dallasblack.com: DUDE...This is so f@#$ed up! K. Michelle DISSES Rasheeda by doing the most disrespectful thing!


Saturday, April 30, 2016 10:30 AM

DUDE...This is so f@#$ed up! K. Michelle DISSES Rasheeda by doing the most disrespectful thing!

By: Jasmine Jackson

DUDE...This is so f@#$ed up! K. Michelle DISSES Rasheeda by doing the most disrespectful thing!

Written by Jasmine Jackson:

DUDE...This is so f@#$ed up! K. Michelle DISSES Rasheeda by doing the most disrespectful thing!

Happy Tuesday loves! Yesterday we all rushed home so we could catch the new episode of Love and Hip Hop ATL. Well they started it with a whole TWO minute "previously on" clip, and I lovedddddd it. Please remind me of any and everything I might have forgotten.

So they once again cut to where we left off, and Tommie is exiting gracefully after her boo thought he could really walk in his “uncles” shoes and get his two ladies together. I did laugh at how she thought she could just calmly walk away after all that commotion and fuss she was bringing last week, veins popping and eyeballs too! Anyway, she leaves and Tiarra punches Scrap Jr in the throat while screaming about how he will never see his child again as long as he lives (although her next scene is totally letting him know he can see the baby) She really was trying to take his child away FOREVER *cardi b voice* at least in that scene.

Next we see Karlie Redd naked for her new job with Playboy. I mean she had her boobs just out and swanging! Her man Lyfe makes an appearance to let her know that he has been "noticing ishhh". And that he is proud of her for currently acting like a grown up. She then vents about how Joseline is so up and down in their friendship. And Lyfe decides to change the subject and let her know he needs to see some action, even more action that she is passing out to Playboy.

Now the moment we have all been waiting for. This new song called “Freak of the week” is playing as the baddest Boosh makes her fingerwave rocking appearance for the season. She is with Stevie J and they are buying new "wedding rings". She is very upset that she had to leave Los Angeles but is making Stevie think she is cool with everything. But she reveals to us the viewers at home, that she is coming back with an agenda. And that agenda was to spill lots of tea on the "raggedy ass bitches" that reside in Atlanta. She also talks about how she wants to sit with Tommy and help her clean up her image. Because it wasn’t like she didn’t throw all types of elbows about two reunions ago. But I digress. Here’s the video of her entrance!

Then they showed Rasheeda attempting to get her employees together at a meeting. The whole time I’m like “why is this girl even here” and then they hit us with the real tea and I was like. “Ohhh its kirks daughter... ohhh that explains so much.” I’m sorry but I am not here for Michele jr (Michele was Dr.Dre and Suge Knights ex, she sings beautifully but speaks in a really high pitch voice like she inhaled helium. I like her but not Kirk’s daughter. Y’all can save that). Kirk busts up in the meeting and that is when Rasheeda realizes her man needs to get a life so she devices a plan and she goes to visit original Scrappy. Little did she know he was busy with his newest project. Take a look at his “hard” work. No pun intended.

Then we cue Jessica Penny as Joseline named her. Her wig was looking really cute in this meet up with Mimi. It was nice to see her be the adult and want to squash their drama. She then finds out that Joseline and Mimi have squashed their beef too. Watch below.

Since Mimi seems open to making amends with people (even the devil himself she states) Jessica decides to ambush her with Tiarra, you know the one who was fighting at Mimi’s girl… well boyfriends birthday party. Pause, they keep calling her girlfriend so are we supposed to disrespect her wishes too? Someone let me know. Anyway Mimi and Tiarra bond over being the baby mama’s of stupid men and all is well. Watch below.

Jessica really looks like she has magenta from Blue’s Clues sitting on top of her head in her interviews. But we are moving forward.
Next cute in Ms. K.michelle I have been waiting on her appearance as well. She goes and visits Karlie and reveals she went to London and met a man who was working with something nicely. It ushered a whole album out of their… escapades. I guess they are still beefing since Rasheeda defending her friend husband when K.Michelle was speaking out on her domestic issues while dating the man. K shared her thoughts, you can watch below.

Tiarra figures out that it's stupid to keep her son away from Scrap Jr and meets with him one more time. He agrees to fix things (don't they always) and his idea of fixing things was going to speak with his mother. KK lets him know that she will not talk to that girl ever, not by the hair on her chinny chin chin!

But the best part of KK and this show? Her cute lil doggie in the interviews haha.

And finishing the show was Ms. Joseline finally meeting with Tommie. She is really turned off by what Tommie is saying and doing and even calls her out on it.

She really is just fueling the fire that Joseline has come to ignite. I hope she doesn’t mess up her 200 dollar manicure? But once again, I digress. She then starts putting her plan into motion and drops the bomb on Tommie. Somehow… someway I think it connects to what Joseline is trying to dangle over Karlie’s head. I mean did you see Karlie? She was having mini strokes and sh*t lol.

The next episode looks good as hell! What I would do to be a fly on the wall of that party. Joseline shading Chris was wrong lol.

Did you see her face? And KKs face about the relations with Stevie allegation. Is he Scrap Jrs daddy? We shall see next week, see y’all then

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