Dallasblack.com: Did Tammy Rivera SHADE Joseline?! Tammy opens up about something that stems back from YEARS ago!


Friday, May 06, 2016 10:30 AM

Did Tammy Rivera SHADE Joseline?! Tammy opens up about something that stems back from YEARS ago!

By: Jasmine Jackson

Did Tammy Rivera SHADE Joseline?! Tammy opens up about something that stems back from YEARS ago!

Written by Jasmine Jackson:

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap 5/2/16: Season 5 Episode 5 "Watch Your Back"

Monday night’s episode was jam packed even though it seemed to fly by. 

I can’t lie I was really engrossed in Monday's episode, even more so than usual.

It opened up with the conclusion of Joseline and Karlie’s meet and greet. Karlie hit a few Nene Leakes-esque faces, before almost crying right there at the table!

If you remember correctly Joseline told Karlie she was tired of hearing about how Karlie was out in these streets dissing her and saying bad things about her. Karlie promises that she wasn’t (I don’t think she was talking bad about her, but I guess the fact that she was mentioning their beef at all is the issue at hand.) After Joseline makes Karlie run home crying to Lyfe she smoothly tucked the envelope full of secrets back into her bra. You know real close to her heart since exposing all these people are near and dear to her.
The next clip is about Scrap and Kirk finally mending their friendship and moving forward. This little pow-wow was made possible to you by a squeaky performance from Kirk’s daughter. Or mousy voice as her step mother Rasheeda referred to her. She later gave her a compliment stating that she was jamming. I couldn't tell u if she really was. I just know that I was ready for the next scene to come on and that voice to go off.

Anyway she gets off stage and grabs a few tips and critiques from Rasheeda. Including one that said to “Project her voice more?” No thanks, that was the wrong thing to say. Rasheeda finally moves things along and tells Kirk to follow her. They make their way to a table with Scrap Sr and Joc so the “amends” can begin.

Now someone tell me why Joc was wearing full Beyonce formation gear, hat and all. Kirks face said it all. You know the same thing he said about two episodes ago, he doesn't care. But somehow someway this transpired.

I will say that I am shocked that he apologized, and I hope that it last. (Especially with the preview of next episode with Momma Dee and Rasheeda’s mom)

Next we take it right back to Ms. Joseline Hernandez (you know she’s the show stop playing!) She is scouting a location to hold the premiere party for her music video release. She’s with Stevie when all of a sudden, bam Kk and her doggie walk in. Joseline’s blunt and crazy so she went right in and hit her with the "I know you and my hoe boyfriend that I call my husband have slept together.” And then they try to play us and sneak over to commercial break. Imagine watching this and having to wait because of a commercial.

On a side note Kk looks like she could be K. Michelles mama. We come back from commercial and Joseline leaves and we end up seeing Stevie give KK some good advice. He lets her know she should help Scrap Jr. out because a child is involved and the child is who is most important.

Mimi the maid and Joseline together laughing while looking at furniture. Mimi once again explaining that she is close with “The Jordans”. Yes y’all even Mimi used the quotations because we know they STILL aren’t married. Joseline then shares KK's history with Mimi but it has already been discussed in the blogs so Joseline is bringing cold tea and just reheating it. But Mimi seems appreciative nonetheless in the clip below.

I was sitting there with my glass of wine jamming to scraps brother's song. "Ima dog ima dog ima dog woof" haha. KK claimed that she went there to tell Scrap she would clear the air with Tiarra. But it just resulted in her and Scrap being petty to each other. Her screaming "take the bitch to court" hahahahaha but I knew she wasn't going to follow thru on taking Stevie’s advice. What I really want to know is, how do y’all feel about her never going 2 the gravesite of her nephew? Is it not weird that she hasn’t been? Or is it kind of common. Here’s the clip of Sas trying to sit hit mother and brother down.

Scrap jr. then proceeds to have the worst day or week ever. His boo Tommie shows up throwing money around in a bathing suit asking where that hoe at? He had probably just snuck her out like fifteen minutes earlier but I digress. The sad thing is he would probably have a calmer life in jail. But he’s smart and has stated he is not trying to be there.
I really liked that he called her out for crying, AGAIN. Tommie is way too emotional. OH MY, Did she really stop a stranger for a lift and production had to stop her? Hahahha I'm no longer team Tommie she needs to find herself. And take a damn sedative and chill cuz she's out here giving me too much. Dare I saw poor scrap :(
Mimi and Chris. Chris has stressed to Mimi that she is iffy on the “Jordan’s” being back in town. She really doesn’t like Joseline because of the violence that has occurred. The running theme of Joseline’s returning is that everyone keeps asking why is she back.They saw Joseline coming way before she even hit them up. Well Chris was more a bit more concerned with Stevie, stating that baby daddy is new territory for her. Chris knows she should tread lightly and I actually like her for that.

It was nice to see the men out paintballing and being active. It also gave Scrap a chance to see his daddy, I mean Stevie J again and call out his wife, I mean girlfriend for her games.

It seems that everyone had Ms. Hernandez on the tongue. At Mimi’s housewarming party Karlie came to admit to the ladies that they were right about not trusting Joseline. Mimi brought up the big party and the room all agreed that that we would be passing on the event. Karlie even looked like she was still down to possibly go until Tamie (who is still mad that Joseline punched her and didn’t apologize) reminded her why she shouldn’t. “She slapped you with flowers”. I’m sorry but I cracked up with Tamie brought that up,  I forgot she had slapped Karlie with those roses from Stevie. Hahaha.

In the final scene of the night you remember that Joseline is offensive.

I wonder if Mimi will keep the situation under the control or if bows will be thrown. Don’t forget to tune in on SUNDAY for a special mother’s day episode of the show. See you then!

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