Dallasblack.com: 'LHHATL’ Season 5, Episode 8 RECAP: K. Michelle Gets Shady At Her Album Release Party


Tuesday, May 24, 2016 8:30 AM

'LHHATL’ Season 5, Episode 8 RECAP: K. Michelle Gets Shady At Her Album Release Party

By: Jasmine Jackson

'LHHATL’ Season 5, Episode 8 RECAP: K. Michelle Gets Shady At Her Album Release Party

Written by Jasmine Jackson:

'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Season 5, Episode 8 RECAP: K. Michelle Gets Shady At Her Album Release Party

Happy Tuesday loves, last night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop ATL opened up with Tiarra and Jessica Dime. Tiarra was still running around town screaming about how she wouldn’t budge on her decision to keep her son away from his father. And she has even added in that Scrap Jr.’s entire family is barred from the child as well.  She then quickly changes the subject about some new boo she wanted to introduce her bestie Jessica to. He gets on my screen and I have no idea who he is, or what that Lebron headband/scarf on his head was for. He did get a pass though for attempting to set Tiarra straight about being a bad mom. He then mentions an event referred to as “Daddy day”, my initial response was that it was going to be a hot mess!

Then we slide over to K.Michelle getting her make up done for what I thought was her listening party, but instead was just a regular ol’ Monday. In walks Joseline flirting with K’s butler! She is loudly demanding a massage and even receives it. K.Michelle’s makeup artist named Japan was even given a few lines. He had to speak up because K.Michelle mentioned that she is going to be working with D.Smyth. (The transgender that Tammi had beef with in episode one or two.) K’s makeup artist has beef with D.Smyth and Betty Idol over a song that was supposed to be his single. It seems like Betty is in the mix of all of D. Smyths problems!


“Daddy Day” came up kinda quick in the episode but I was here for it! I laughed at 5 outta Joc’s 8 kids being in the building lolol. I am proud he takes care of his kids, but damn he needs to wrap it up! I was so sad Scrap Jr’s son didn’t get to come. But OMG WHEN SHE CAME SKIPPING IN THE “DADDY DAY” I HAD TO LET A TEAR FALL DOWN MY CHEEK! I am so glad her new boo knocked/or maybe banged some sense into her!

We then go to Ariane at Rasheeda’s store having some drinks when in walks D.Smyth. Smyth lets them know she will be working with K.Michelle even though she has heard some negative things. Rasheeda shares her experience and Ariane cosigns, before she spills that she will in fact being going to the party. Rasheeda ends the convo by asking that they were her clothing to the event. They all agree before sharing a toast.

We then see that Scrap Sr. and Young Joc are moving because they were evicted! Y’all Joc looked homeless in that robe while everyone else was dressed, but I digress. They pause after loading up one box so they can have a gossip moment. Scrap is still salty over bam like he isn’t doing his own dirt. J-Nicks reveals that he is looking to move on with Tiarra because his girl Amber is tripping. I still am unsure of whom Amber is at this point, but I told myself that she will be introduced next episode, probably fighting with Tiarra.

We then cut to Scrap Jr. walking up to his lawyer’s office, looking GQ as hell! That man is fine IDC IDC IDC! The lawyer lets him know that his Mary Jane trafficking is definitely going to result in time. It was between a minimum of 5 years and a 30 year maximum! He luckily only got the minimum but he only has a few weeks left of freedom!

LMAO at the next scene, Scrap Sr. and Jessica’s talk was hilarious! She of course had to share the argument between her and Bam. He held it together nicely, I was proud. I actually may like him and her together.

We then have Scrap Jr. dropping the bomb on his family (his possible daddy included) they are pissed off of course and asked him why he didn’t fight harder. He broke it down for them and they understood that it had to go like this, was no other alternatives. Oh my God Tommie crying again who would have guessed *insert sarcasm here* But forreal this was actually the time for it. I wasn’t mad at those tears at all. I wanted to pass her some kleenex.
Scrap Sr. still talking about love and loyalty to Bam while at the booty club. Of course Joc finds his 9th baby mama in J-Nicks girl.

K.Michelle’s listening party, looked… never mind. I love that she is handling her music goals thought! Being able to sign artist is a major deal!

K.Michelle did try and defend her friend and makeup artist but that was to no avail.

but when D.Smyth said you need to go on botched. Lawddd that was shade if nothing else on this show was, that was it!

Then in walks Bam! I don’t like Bam, I told y’all that but I was here for her Vs. Fake Betty Boop and D.Smyth! Bam won because y’all left running scared!

Dang ending the episode with crazy KK and the baby mama drama! I’m confused. Tiarra needs the support now that he is going away? Girl get yourself together, you don’t know what you want! But wait KK straight up said “yes I will slap you!”

Next episode looks bomb once again! Joseline crying to Mimi about a secret child?!?!?! Tommie flirting with her man, or ex man’s daddy/uncle?!?!?! Until next week loves! Thanks for reading!

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