Dallasblack.com: K.Michelle's back to her instigating ways ― You won't BELIEVE what SNEAKY SHADE she pulled!


Saturday, May 21, 2016 2:00 PM

K.Michelle's back to her instigating ways ― You won't BELIEVE what SNEAKY SHADE she pulled!

By: Jasmine Jackson

K.Michelle's back to her instigating ways ― You won't BELIEVE what SNEAKY SHADE she pulled!

Written by Jasmine Jackson:

'LHHATLS5' Recap: K. Michelle Is Ready For Revenge

This episode started off with Karlie Redd calling Tommie out for telling Joseline how hurt she was. And that she isn’t feeling how Joseline has been treating her.

Tommie then proceeded to let her know that she feels no guilt and would do it all over again. She feels that Karlie should shut her mouth sometimes and that whole thing could have been avoided. 

So that gets Karlie’s wheels turning and she puts another messy plan into action.

Joseline invited Dawn with her as she goes house hunting. Joseline then brings up Tommie and the whole ordeal from her party. You know Tommie bum rushing Dawn. The same Tommie who is standing up for her against Karlie and probably anybody else. Smh poor dat. Dawn then reveals that she was in jail with KK and felt abandoned when KK just fell off.

Stevie walks in to take over his “husband” duties when the sight of Dawn almost causes him to fall out. He even said that he smelled something rotten and he should have known it was Dawn! Aka Wanna be hustler Dawn. He thinks that Dawn wants to manage his “Wife” and he can’t have that. I can’t lie I like that Joseline sees that she can create her own lane without him. She wants a copy of her contract. I would get tired of fighting all the time too, that’s not what a relationship is to me. So I felt her when she said she doesn’t see it lasting. Let that hurt go boo, literally.

Karlie Redd has invited Scrap Jr. to her store during what looks like after hours. She called it a business meeting but um…. Jr. denies being in a serious relationship. Karlie claims that Lyfe has dipped on her and she’s all alone after the playboy shoot. She invites Jr. to come on her radio show and then asks “how does he like it?” before snatching his jacket off of him! THEN he just kisses her and picks up her on her own counter and the scene changes! Lawdddd they was freak freaking yall!

K.Michelle makes Joseline blush apparently. They flirt all over K’s new house and Joseline reveals that its because she hasn’t even really seen Stevie. Even though we have seen them together in every scene lol of every episode. K. Michelle reveals that she is back to get her revenge on the haters and naysayers!
Stevie J comes to Mimi’s house. Reveals he as well is tired of Joseline. Then boom he asks to move in with her for a few days and they once again slide over to commercial break. She lets him know that it is not a good idea but she is down for him of course. And that the couch is open and ready. They end it with a hug.
We end up back to Joseline yet again, this time meeting with Tommie, to check her. But Tommie came correct and starts off apologizing. But she ends up letting her know that she can do what she wants, when she wants. I am proud of Joseline because she didn’t jump back at her, and the meeting is able to end on good terms.
Karlie is telling Jessica Dime what happened with Scrap Jr. and that was her first mistake. Jessica can’t hold water! I have to admit, Jessica was telling the whole truth though. Karlie is crazy for what she doing. And yall know I am a fan. I have defended her thru EVERYTHING! Including K.Michelle and that shaky table!!! LOL! Let me let that one go, they are friends again.
Mimi opened the door for her boo and it was written all over Chris’ face, she is DONE! She probably heard it in Mimi’s voice that she had something major to drop on her. And it could quite possibly be the straw that broke the camel’s back.
Well it was, she let her know that Stevie would actually not be on the couch but in one of her five bedrooms.
Mimi saying “I just gotta figure some stuff out.” Then chris said “and I just gotta go” hahahahaha.
I’m sorry but that is why 2016 relationships don’t last. You mofos bring too much emotional baggage to the equation. Leave it at the door and put your all into what you claim to be taking seriously.
Then we go over to Karlie dancing at K.Michelle video shoot! K.Michelle let’s her know that she spoke with Joseline and she just wants them to end their little feud. She then lets Karlie know she is having a listening party and wants the old gang to roll through. She passes Karlie invites to give them. Everyone except Jessica Dime her good friend from her hometown.
The last scene of the night takes place at Mimi and Ariane’s bday party. LOL at Karlie really bringing the invites to the party and letting them know that K. Michelle is back in town.
It was funny that Mimi passed hers to dime. I died! Then oops who just happens 2 be at the party. Jessica’s new boo’s ex. You know she had to go and make a scene. I don’t like Bambi so I was here for it lol. She goes over and tells Bambi that Scrap Sr. has been facetiming her and flirting. I see what she was trying to do but it definitely could have been saved for another time.
Final thoughts on tonight’s episode… I actually left liking Jessica Dime more!

Never forget I have been Team Scrap Sr. since the first episode!! So she gets points with me for good taste lol. And next weeks episode looks good! All I could say was Wow to KK and Tiarra.

I am team KK for some reason. Maybe because Tiarra started it. But then again, maybe KK would snatch her up since Scrap wasn’t there to mediate. Sas could have stepped in. Yeah Tiarra was just being petty. 

Until next time lovelies! 

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