Dallasblack.com: "LHHH" Star Moniece Slaughter Suggests It's "Karma" That Princess Love Is Struggling To Conceive


Monday, August 07, 2017 12:30 PM

"LHHH" Star Moniece Slaughter Suggests It's "Karma" That Princess Love Is Struggling To Conceive

By: Monya Fleming

"LHHH" Star Moniece Slaughter Suggests It's "Karma" That Princess Love Is Struggling To Conceive
"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Moniece Slaughter has butted heads with her co-star, Princess Love, for quite some time. Slaughter let it be known that she had slept with Ray J in the past, who viewers know is now married to Princess.

Moniece is now giving her two cents on Princess and Ray J's fertility struggles, appearing to find pleasure in the fact they are having a tough time conceiving. Slaughter suggests it's "karma."

On "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" Season 4 Episode 2, Ray J had opened up about his wife wanting a baby and admitting it had been a struggle for them to conceive. He stated, "Princess wants a baby but it ain’t happening."

The singer then made a little bet with his co-stars Safaree Samuels and A1 to find out which one of the men had the highest sperm count. The results came back and A1 had 75 million, while Safaree had 43 million, and Ray J came in last with 9 million. 

Moniece is still fuming from comments Princess previously made about her parenting, taking to social media to discuss her cast mate's fertility struggle.

Slaughter retweeted a post from a follower that read, "not gon lie, when I saw the preview i thought about all the horrible things she said about u as a mother & thought "Karma," God watches all." [sic]

Moniece responded with a series of tweets, obviously directed at Princess Love. 

She tweeted, "So instead of knocking you and poking at you and telling you that God doesn't like ugly and that this is your karma I'll just pray for you."

The reality star continued, "That's the changed version of myself. But the evil me wants you to know pain [expletive]. So struggle on sister. Oh and [expletive] YOU!"

Moniece then tweeted, "Well. The loves of my life and I are off to get breakfast. Kam keeps asking me for a brother. I'll think about it." 

Slaughter then rubs the fact that she has a child in Love's face. She wrote, "But I am a mommy. I have a baby. I have a son. I know the joys of being a parent hands on."

She adds, "It is the greatest honor any woman can achieve. It's one of the greatest gifts God will ever give you. It's the dope stuff title..." However, she softened up a bit before tweeting to pray on the matter. 

The "LHHH" star tweeted, "Please do yourself this favor. Pray. Be still. Know that he is God. Through him all things are possible. Including conception."

Moniece has previously revealed that her beef with Princess stems from her hooking up with Ray J from back in the day. She previously told her friends, "Princess doesn’t like the fact that I’m familiar with her man, maybe just as familiar as she is…and maybe even a little more."

Slaughter also had plenty to say about Ray J and Princess getting married. She spoke to TMZ and said, "I give them two years top. Two years and a baby."

Princess previously addressed her reasons for sharing her life and struggles on television. 

She said, "I’ve normally been an open ebook when it arrives to showcasing my lifetime and struggles on camera. I feel that it is significant to be authentic and serious for the reason that there are so lots of men and women out there who can relate to your condition."

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