Dallasblack.com: LisaRaye Gives Savage Reason For Ending Engagement To New TV-Show Fiancé After One Month — Video


Monday, August 20, 2018 9:06 AM

LisaRaye Gives Savage Reason For Ending Engagement To New TV-Show Fiancé After One Month — Video

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

LisaRaye Gives Savage Reason For Ending Engagement To New TV-Show Fiancé After One Month — Video
Super savage. But maybe not all that unexpected, somehow?

Last month, many a brow was furrowed when LisaRaye got engaged on the ABC show The Proposal, to Anthony B, a 44-year-old sales rep from her hometown of Chicago.

If you’ve never seen The Proposal, it’s a show where the main individual’s identity is kept a secret for a majority of the show, while a group from all over the world fights to be the object of their affection. Somewhat similar to The Bachelor/Bachelorette, except no one knew it was LisaRaye until it was time to pick a winner and propose.

The choices came down to Adonis from Miami and Anthony Bryant from her hometown Chicago. After sharing their reasons for being on the show, their personal stories, and meeting her daughter Kai, LisaRaye seemed to be totally in love with the poet from Chicago.

You can watch the anticipation on their faces as Lisa makes her decision below:

#PressPlay Congrats to #LisaRaye on her engagement on the show #TheProposal via: @icecreamconvos_

Well, don’t bother investing anymore energy in this—it’s already over. LisaRaye said so on an Instagram post. 


Hello everyone, yes the relationship with Anthony B is over. I feel the right decision was made when I chose Anthony from the batch of men, I was given to select from the TV show @theproposaltv. We have both come to a mutual understanding that we are not compatible enough to continue in pursuing a relationship with each other. I do not regret anytime put into this journey because I was immensely receptive in trying a different approach and outlook on finding love. I wish Anthony B nothing but the best and even though a marriage is not happening I did acquire a new friend. #LifeRocks #theProposal

The 51-year-old dropped the details on a Facebook Live video as to why she opted out.

Admitting she was “lonely,” the actress touched on speculations that she was a gold digger, clarifying that she doesn’t feel bad about a desiring a man "equally yoked."

“Money can't buy you happiness, but love can't pay the bills. At all,” she confessed. "I don't want to wear the pants in my relationship. I wear the pants now. I do everything."

"I'm not going to be standing in someone's face trying to figure out 'How are we going to pay our bills?' because we're doing that naturally and normally on the level of survival. So, I don't want to hear that [expletive] about 'Oh, she a gold digger.' Like I said, gold digging is high school. I'm at platinum status now. I want someone that will not be intimated by coming into my life, by sharing in my lifestyle because I'm not gone change that. Because if you can't handle it now where I'm at, then you're not going to be able to handle it when I grow even more and I'm doing that every day," she declared.

"I don't have time for anyone to come into my home and see how I live and go ‘oh, I'm not going to be able...' Don't waste each other’s time. I'm not leaving my environment or my home and you take me to a hut, or you take me to a one-bedroom apartment that's not furnished. I'm not leaving that. I'm not going backward. I'm not going down. I'm not suppressing anything. I'm not doing none of that [expletive] for nobody. I want to be equally yoked. People on different levels move differently."

"What did Beyoncé say? The hustle has to match. It has to match. We often think, what if Beyoncé and Jay Z broke up? Who in the hell would they date? That would be very hard for both of them."
And they said "She STILL got it'....i replied "I know".............. At the #i100Awards Tues nite. Celebrating the most influential people in media and culture. #LifeRocks Face by: @taniamariamua Hair styled by: @kimmepps

She then made it clear that she and Anthony discussed their relationship, before realizing that they lacked chemistry. They therefore had more of a "friend energy.” 

Don’t count her out of the dating game yet though. 

"I'm still going to continue to look for love," she noted. "I'm looking for a portion of my father. Somebody who's going to look at me and love me, and cherish me and take care of me. Absolutely am. So, I'm not scared of trying to find love again. And you all will know when I find it too because I'll be happy. And I'll have a much bigger ring than what I got [laughs]. Because honey, that was like, 'where it's at?' My everyday ring was bigger than that."


Probably a good thing that this pair never made it down the aisle, right?

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