Dallasblack.com: #SideChickGoals: Karlie Redd gets into another FIGHT and you won't BELIEVE whose baby mama it involves!


Friday, June 03, 2016 12:30 PM

#SideChickGoals: Karlie Redd gets into another FIGHT and you won't BELIEVE whose baby mama it involves!

By: Jasmine Jackson

#SideChickGoals: Karlie Redd gets into another FIGHT and you won't BELIEVE whose baby mama it involves!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap 5/30/16: Season 5 Episode 9 "Free at Last"

This last episode of Love and Hip hop was once again a big ball of mess, and we are still here for it.

I want to start it off by talking about Sleazo himself Mr. Stevie J, the man wants to open up a hookah lounge. He goes ahead and admits that his big movie deal for “Time of the Month” is having some serious issues with its production. So we catch him while he is holding auditions for employees for his lounge. 

But if you ask us, he was really he just scoping the women out, like the sleaze he is. 

Check it out in the clip below.


So during the hookah lounge auditions you won’t believe who walks in, it’s “Weeping Willow” aka Tommie. She’s eyes Stevie, Stevie’s eyeing her right back. It was extra McCreepy!! But she was determined to do what she has to do to hold it down for her boo Scrap. Jr. They discuss the possibility of her stacking up her money with him as her management. Apparently she does a little rapping when she isn’t crying and screaming. Stevie is acting like he is unsure if the deal should happen, so Tommie stands up and shows off her body to seal the deal. The commentary between them was just terrible, I mean “ ng the hookah lounge auditionsalks "ut, like the sleaze he is. himself, Mr. Stevie J, the man wants to open up a hookah lounge.teach me cuz I’m so willing 2 learn.” Was just too much, is Stevie really going to f**k his daughter in law tho? The conversation ended with them toasting to learning…lmao goodbye Tommie.
So then we go over to messy Karlie Redd driving Scrap Jr’s are back from their romantic hotel getaway. When Scrap said they “rubbed backs” I was already done. He has our girl SPRUNG. She is yelling Bye Tiarra, bye tommie lmao. She is really into him and is ready to say goodbye to Lyfe.

But then he drops the bomb about him going to jail and he even has to wipe away her tears. Aww #SideChickGoals. She said that no matter what she going to hold him down as a friend. So I wonder if next season his storyline will be all three of the ladies visiting him in jail? With a fourth girl somehow added into the mix smh. I don’t put it past the guy he has introduced us to this season.
Dawn is back and of course meeting up with Joseline meet to discuss rumors of her bleaching Stevie’s clothes! Joseline denies the act of bleaching his clothes but admits that she has been up to something else. She says she was searching around the house and she found some dirt, some “so sweet” dirt lol. Y’all she found this magical music contract that has been haunting her for three and a half years! She is ready to go to war!! Dawn is there just messy and excited lol. Only comment I have is.. 30%??  That man was getting 30 percent? No ma’am!

Oh lawd Ernest and momma Dee lawdddd is all that I can really say lol. Rasheedas mama reached out to him, and the buildup was so dramatic. But she hit him up to help momma Dee instead of hurt her and that's sisterhood. Once again he is telling all her business. Admitting that she is Bi polar and an alcoholic.
He goes on to explain exactly how she go to this point and my jaw just dropped. This is word for word what I said.

“Momma dee was a nurse? Whatttt? Man Ernest talks a lot. Ernest this is all your fault bro! That's why you get the backlash.” Anyway she suggest that they get counseling and he actually takes her up on it later in the episode. Ernest and momma Dee at the pastors house and the poor pastor looked like he wasn't sure why he was there.
So Tommie claims that she was getting ready to tell Scrap that she shook her ass around in front of his Daddy Uncle. That was until she found the receipt of Karlie and Scraps getaway in his car. Lawdddd. Go ham Tommie, go ham! I mean why was the receipt really in the car and not at the hotels trash or hell karlies purse. I don't know lol. Lmaooo omg at Tommie jumping on Scrap hahahahahah. Omg she's crazy yo!

 And of course after she jumps on him and he slams her down, they go to a commercial preview being sure to let us know they would be closing the show with a Karlie and Tommie meet up that will of course end in a fight or some kind of table shaking. When they come back they finish up Tommie and Scrap’s fight. It ended with her crying and him calling her pathetic to her attacking him again!

So then we go to Scrap and Karlie’s date. He's was then accusing her of leaving the receipt on purpose lmao. Trying to flip the script smh, men ain't shit yo, but Karlie is just as dumb and guilty. Everyone is having dates because here comes Mimi and Joseline.

Mimi wanted to let her know that Stevie was camping out there. But Joseline was there to reveal that he had a new baby and was on child support. Mimi then flipped the script and said Stevie can longer stay there because he has lied to her again. Damn girl… lied to you and got rid of your girl…Chris.

Lmaooo at this set up for Tommie and Karlie smh. This was TOO much hahahaha. She was sipping some water quenching her thirst when crying ass Tommie walked up. Tommie called her a middle aged thot and admitted to stalking Karlie’s instagram. Too many funny quotes right here, “just chilling” being one of them. Man Karlie was so hard in confessionals.

Next episode I want a conclusion to what Jessica Dime is going to do after being dissed by Scrappy Sr. on what should have been their first date. He left her at the skating rink with his boy Joc. But she was smart enough not to hop on his offer, she didn’t want to be baby mama number 29. But we will see what happens.

I also can’t wait to see Mimi confronting Stevie, debs panel event and Scrap saying bye to son :( until next time lovelies!

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