Dallasblack.com: Kirk Frost, Rasheeda & Jasmine Washington Allegedly Get Exposed For Lying About Paternity Of Son For "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Storylines


Friday, March 23, 2018 11:26 AM

Kirk Frost, Rasheeda & Jasmine Washington Allegedly Get Exposed For Lying About Paternity Of Son For "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Storylines

By: Monya Fleming

Kirk Frost, Rasheeda & Jasmine Washington Allegedly Get Exposed For Lying About Paternity Of Son For "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Storylines
Fans of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" were left hanging last season, wondering if Kirk Frost was truly the father of his mistresses little boy. 

The "LHHATL" Season 7 premiere kicked off with Frost telling his wife he was indeed the father of Jasmine Washington's child. However, several sources are claiming the entire situation is being faked for the show!

Kirk and his wife of 18 years, Rasheeda, were dealing with his infidelity and alleged love child last season. Fans were very upset when they were left hanging on the results of the paternity test on the reunion show.

The Season 7 premiere finally contained the big reveal, with Kirk admitting to his wife that he was determined to be the father of Jasmine's son. 

Several media outlets are claiming that VH1 was simply dragging out the storyline for viewers, claiming that Kirk and Rasheeda's "love child" storyline is all a hoax. 
Word in theses streets that it's all fake the baby and all Issa scam #Lhhatl #kirkfrost #rasheeda #jasminebleu #pressedatl

Frost finally revealed the results of his paternity test on the season seven premiere, with his wife Rasheeda reacting to the news.

On the #Seaosn7 premiere of #LHHATL, #KirkFrost finally reveals the results of the DNA test. And when he delivers the news to #Rasheeda, he learns that getting back together may not ever happen. Click the link in our bio for the recap. #VH1

Kirk was shown discussing his strained relationship with Rasheeda, realizing he may never get her back after his alleged indiscretions.
In other news keeping up with #kirkfrost the liars, #jasminebleu the sidechick/babymama and #rasheeda the wife who's always taking back her cheating husband! #lhhatl season 18 🙄 _____ #loveandhiphopatlanta #lahh #lahhatl #LasVegasblogger

He stated, "We talk about parenting and business and that’s it. There is no talk about [their] future, and [they] sure don’t talk about Jasmine and the baby." 

The big moment finally came when Kirk announced to his wife, "I took the paternity test, and I am baby Kannon’s father!

Rasheeda admits she suspected Kirk was Kannon's father, but she still went off on her cheating husband.  

The Pressed boutique owner was mainly concerned on how the paternity news would affect her children.

Rasheeda told Kirk, "I am not at all surprised to hear the results, but getting the confirmation is a punch in the gut. Any little bit of hope I had of things getting back to normal is out the window. This is some careless [expletive] [expletive]. Not only you [expletive] some old girl, but that is also another thing, now there is an innocent child, can you move in, no! no! But it is not even about me; it is about our kids, they don’t deserve to see their dads who they put on a pedestal, they [expletive] worship like this."

Fameolous is calling the entire storyline a huge fake. 

The site reports:

"Kirk Frost isn’t the father of Jasmine Washington baby despite the lies you’ve just watched on television. The turth [sic] is Jasmine, Kirk and Rasheeda are getting paid to run this storyline that people seem to enjoy. Kirk hasn’t cheated on Rasheeda with Jasmine whatsoever."

Kirk And Rasheeda Frost Allegedly Get Exposed For Lying About Paternity Of New Son: See How Much Jasmine Washington Is Getting Paid Per Episode To Go Along With The Lie! #KirkFrost, #LoveAndHipHop, #RasheedaFrost

Jasmine, the mother of baby Kannon, is rumored to be going along with the fake storyline for the whopping $ $7,000 per episode."

The site claims that Jasmine is actually still dating Rod Bullock, but acting like they have split for the show.

Most fans find it hard to believe the cheating and baby storyline are fake. They can't imagine Rasheeda and Kirk going along with such a messy lie just to stay on the reality show. 

There were rumors last year that Jasmine's 'real' baby daddy, Logan, had come back into the picture. Many believed her boyfriend of 11 years was the real father.

However, Logan appeared to deny the claims following an alleged paternity test.

Nap time 😴

We previously reported that Kirk and Jasmine settled the paternity suit out of court last summer, shortly after Kirk agreed to take a DNA test. 

Dem butterfly glasses tho.... grab u some from pressedatl.com 🦋

Rasheeda and Kirk were separated at that time, with the rapper seemingly ready to divorce her cheating husband. 

Do you believe reports that Kirk, Rasheeda, and Jasmine are faking the messy storyline for a fat check?

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