Dallasblack.com: Twitter Is Screaming Over Princess And Moniece's "Brawl" On The 'L&HH Hollywood' Finale — Video


Wednesday, November 07, 2018 7:43 AM

Twitter Is Screaming Over Princess And Moniece's "Brawl" On The 'L&HH Hollywood' Finale — Video

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Twitter Is Screaming Over Princess And Moniece's "Brawl" On The 'L&HH Hollywood' Finale — Video
Moniece seems like a real handful sometimes, huh?

The Hollywood spin-off in the popular Love & Hip Hop franchise wrapped up with a big ol’ bang during Monday night's finale episode, with enemies Moniece Slaughter and Princess Love getting into a violent scuffle.

Yup. Bottles and a cake were tossed. It was uber-dramatic.

"I want to fight, I want to fight!" Princess yelled at Moniece. "You said square up, right? You said square up?"

"I never make the first move […] I throw hands,” Moniece replied. Ha.

Well, then Princess hurled just about anything she could get her hands on at her rival, but none of them seemed to land, as, thankfully, security guards stepped in.

Give it a watch.

Yikes. Needless to say, it did not take long for viewers to hop onto Twitter to flaunt their feedback and feelings about the brawl. Some found Moniece’s otherwise calm demeanor hilarious, while others defended Princess’ tirade.

See some of the reactions below: 



“I knew I’d have to explain myself at some point. Princess asked for that scene. I told everybody to wait until she had the baby. I told them she’s been speaking on my son since S2 & ain’t shut up yet! I told them I didn’t trust myself to keep my hands to myself. Just because her stomach was with child didn’t mean her face was,” Moniece had explained, after she attempted to get physical with then-pregnant Princess.

“You can’t go a whole S4 without seein me then wait til you’re pregnant to sit in my face talk [ish] about my brother and my motherhood and expect not to feel the wrath. You can’t put yourself in harms way voluntarily while w/ child and then tell me you’ll show me how to be a good mom. You can’t bash my motherhood for 3yrs and then expect me to respect yours. Rosemary and her baby were not harmed during the making of this show!”

#MonieceSlaughter has this cup of tea, Chile, and she is spillin! 👀 #PrincessLove

Wondering what the issue is? Long story, but it supposedly has roots in Moniece’s dynamic with Princess’ husband, Ray J.

"Princess and I were at Yandy and Mendeecees' wedding. We were all at the same table," Moniece once explained. "I addressed Ray as Raymond."

Moniece claimed Princess then snapped, yelling, "His name is not Raymond!" However, she could care less about how Princess wants her to address her husband; she added that she's been calling him "Raymond" since she was 17 and has no intention of stopping.

"All that said to me was she didn't like the fact that I was so familiar with her man. I get it," she then declared. "So I let it go... so then that day on the rooftop, the [expletive] turns to me and goes off on me.”

But there has been so much messiness since, it’s kind of ridiculous.

Okay, so are you Team Princess, Team Moniece or Team Neither?

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