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Wednesday, May 29, 2019 6:45 PM

‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Rah Ali Loses Premature Baby Minutes After Giving Birth

By: Vincent Tucker

‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Rah Ali Loses Premature Baby Minutes After Giving Birth
Love & Hip Hop star Rah Ali, just reportedly suffered a heartbreaking loss.

The recently married woman was pregnant with her first child and went into labor at just five months along.

According to TMZ, she lost her child after giving birth prematurely on Sunday. The site shares her baby only survived for a few minutes. 

Sources shared that her newborn daughter passed away "almost immediately after the premature birth." 

BOSSIP adds that: “Ali was in her house Sunday when her water broke and contractions started. Previously, doctors saw no sign of any issues with the pregnancy so Rah was completely shocked when her body went into labor early. She was immediately rushed to the hospital where the baby girl, unfortunately, died.”

Rah was not due until the middle of October as she planned to go public with her pregnancy next month after doing an elaborate photo shoot with her baby bump recently. 

Nicki Minaj has reportedly been by Rah’s side during this difficult time. 

Verified Today a Queen was born 👑 Glad I can call you a friend, gone make this one to remember! 🥂🥳 Happy Birthday @NickiMinaj

The two have been friends forever as many will remember that Rah tried to fight Cardi B on Nicki’s behalf during last year’s infamous shoe-throwing incident at a New York Fashion Week party.

We send our heartfelt condolences to Rah Ali during this tough time, and wish her a speedy recovery.



Previous story by Vincent "Heartbreak" Tucker (10/30/2018 at 8:40 am CT):


Nicki Minaj has been talking quite a bit about her altercation with Cardi B during New York Fashion Week from the get-go (though, to be honest, Cardi hasn’t been keeping mum either). But now a new alleged detail is emerging and riling up the gossip world.

So, yeah, the drama between Nicki and Cardi is still in full swing.

The latest round kicked up after Cardi’s sister Hennessy Carolina accused Nicki of leaking Cardi’s phone number.

Nicki denied this on her “Queen Radio” podcast, before delving into details about the NYFW incident with her rap rival.

So, how did Cardi wind up with that giant bump on her forehead? 

Nicki says Rah Ali put it there.

Beauty & A Beast. @FashionNovaCurve

“Rah really beat Cardi’s [expletive] bad,” said Nicki. “Like really bad, and I’m not trying to be messy. You went home and told people that security hit you, and we let that lie continue because of legal reasons. I told Rah ‘Don’t tell anyone you hit her, because I don’t want nobody trying to sue me,’ ’cause they gonna come to the person with money.”

“I guess you had to look like a gangster in front of your friends and your family I get it,” she continued. “Rah beat you so bad that I was mad at Rah. I’m talking the punches was so hard in your head … But Rah didn’t like her [attitude].”

Oh and she is doing her best to shut down rumors that she shared Cardi’s contact information, too.

“I’ve never leaked a number in my life, on God,” Nicki insisted. “And y’all continue to lie on me, because it’s so important for you to make me look like a bad person. And I protected you from the situation of saying how badly you got beat. And that lady that was with you didn’t touch Rah, didn’t do a thing. Nobody that was with you did a thing and you know that.”

Plus, Nicki claimed she will give $100,000 to anyone who can offer up footage of the scuffle. Oof.

“Let’s make our music and let’s just be happy,” Nicki also said. “What’s going on? This is ridiculous.”

For the record, Hennessy recently got into a bickering session with Rah.

“Keep playing with you dumb [expletive], and Im’a rag you like I did your sister,” Rah told Hennessy.

“I’m not scared of none of you water buffalo built [expletive],” Hennessy shot back. “You knew better than to write that [expletive], that’s why you deleted it. Save that bully [expletive] for IG and pop the [expletive] out in real life.”

“I didn’t delete anything and you know that it’s very much still there unless you deleted it,” Rah replied. “I don’t have time to play on this Internet with you. You seen your big sis when she got home. You know what’s up. You next.”

What a situation, eh? Do you think Rah really put her hands on Cardi?

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