Dallasblack.com: Mike Epps’ Estranged Wife Mechelle Puts Him on Blast Over Messy Divorce
Dallasblack.com: Mike Epps’ Estranged Wife Mechelle Puts Him on Blast Over Messy Divorce


Thursday, May 18, 2017 12:37 PM

Mike Epps’ Estranged Wife Mechelle Puts Him on Blast Over Messy Divorce

By: Monya Fleming

Mike Epps’ Estranged Wife Mechelle Puts Him on Blast Over Messy Divorce
Mike Epps’ estranged wife, Mechelle Epps, has claimed that he has halted his financial support in order to force her to take accept a lowball divorce settlement agreement.

Mechelle is ready for a fight in her divorce and claims she deserves $118,468 a month in temporary spousal and child support. Mike has stated that his huge debt to the IRS should come before her demands. He is suggesting giving her $26,503 a month instead.

“Mike is attempting to force me to settle by cutting off my support,” Mechelle said in her court documents. "He has been paying our bills like always, until recently. Now he is cutting off my access to bank accounts and credit cards in an attempt to coerce me to settle.” 

The “Next Friday” actor feels his estranged wife should just cut back on her spending due to the fact he owes around $2.6 million to the IRS. His lawyers argue that the lavish lifestyle the Epps family had grown accustomed to was funded with debt. Mike claims he would need to sell his properties in order to pay his wife the alimony and child support she is seeking.

“If granted, Mechelle’s requests for support and fees would be financially ruinous for this family, and therefore must be denied,” Mike’s lawyers wrote in the court papers.
Mechelle stated in legal documents that she'll require $118,468 a month to support herself, maintain their mansion in Los Angeles, and care for their two daughters. She said she’s been unemployed for most of her adult life and that her estranged husband encouraged her to stay at home and not work.

Epps' soon-to-be ex-wife claims their mansion costs around $30,000 a month to maintain. She stated she needs the child support because she is the primary caretaker of their daughters and that Mike only sees the children a few hours each week.

She said their nanny is paid $3,500 a month and the children attend a private school that costs $72,000 a year in tuition. Mechelle also revealed in court documents that she splashes out between $5,000 and $10,000 a month on clothes and shoes, as well as several thousand a month on clothes, shoes and organic food for the kids.

“The amount he wants to limit me to is far below what we have routinely spent on the children and for my living expenses,” Mechelle said in court papers.

In addition to the $118,468 a month ($31,012 in child support and $87,456 in alimony), Mechelle wants Mike to give her exclusive use of their former family home and pay her attorney’s fees.

Epps, 46 and Mechelle, 36, married in 2005 before splitting last year. They have two children, Moriah, 12 and Madison, 10.

A judge has not yet ruled on their case. It appears this will be quite a messy and expensive divorce.

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