Dallasblack.com: Moniece Slaughter Threatens To Catch Fade With Brandy As The "Love & Hip Hop" Star Blasts The Singer Once Again On Social Media


Saturday, April 14, 2018 11:43 AM

Moniece Slaughter Threatens To Catch Fade With Brandy As The "Love & Hip Hop" Star Blasts The Singer Once Again On Social Media

By: Monya Fleming

Moniece Slaughter Threatens To Catch Fade With Brandy As The "Love & Hip Hop" Star Blasts The Singer Once Again On Social Media
Moniece Slaughter and Brandy certainly aren't not on friendly terms, with the reality star doubling up on that fact in her recent social media posts.

Slaughter had commented on the rumors that Ray J's wife, Princess Love, was feuding with his sister Brandy and their mother, Sonja Norwood.

Moniece may not be a huge fan of Princess Love's, but she made it clear she'd be on her side instead of Brandy's.

The "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star responded to an Instagram post where Princess had hit back at Brandy trying to pretend things between them are fine.

Moniece referred to Brandy as a "psycho" and stated she'd love to put a beat-down on the singer. 

Moniece had posted on social media, "I don't even like this [expletive] prinky. But I'm on her side here. I tried to tell everybody that [expletive] Brandy is psycho. But I'm sleep tho."

As you see above, her "LHHH" co-star Misster Ray told Slaughter to "behave", but she hit back even stronger.

Moniece wrote, "You know I have no chill and zero [expletive] to give when it comes to Miss Handy honey. B-Rocka my [expletive]. I'll knock her right on her behind instead darling. Lol."

She also made some interesting comments about Brandy's friendship with Kelly Rowland. A fan asked Moniece what happened between Brandy and Kelly, especially when Rowland appears to get along with just about everyone.

The reality star replied, "Cuz Brandy spazzed on her."

Moniece has previously feuded with Brandy over the disappearance of Moniece’s brother. She seems to believe that Brandy and her mother, Sonja, had something to do with him getting off his medication.

Slaughter told her fans that her brother was missing, adding the family was concerned since he is suffering from mental illness. Moniece’s mother even took aim at Brandy on social media.

Moniece claimed on Instagram Live that her brother had been on medications for two years until Brandy convinced him to stop taking his them.

Slaughter explained, "The Norwood family and my family have been very good friends for the past 15 years. Since I was 15 and I’m now 30. And she knew what he struggled with from…his addiction, as my Mom had confided in her about that prior to. And she knew about the mental health issues he was suffering with. And privately she convinced him not to take the meds. She convinced him that a little wine here and there would be okay."

Moniece Slaughter's Mentally Ill Brother Is Missing, Family Says Brandy Norwood Convinced Him To Stop Taking His Meds 🙏🏾😞💗🍦 ___ Get the scoop and see video @ IceCreamConvos.com or the ICC app! Link to site in bio. ___ #MonieceSlaughter #MentalIllness #Brandy #PrayersUp #IceCreamConvos
"And so that has then triggered the emotional downward spiral which led to physical assault on both my parents and that led to him leaving the house, and that led to just the police being involved and then him coming back home, and me taking him off the street and convincing him to go back on the medication…helping him get a job then he decided to stop taking the medication."

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