Dallasblack.com: New Video Footage Of Michael Brown Hours Before His Death Raises More Questions [VIDEO]


Monday, March 13, 2017 12:39 PM

New Video Footage Of Michael Brown Hours Before His Death Raises More Questions [VIDEO]

By: Monya Fleming

New Video Footage Of Michael Brown Hours Before His Death Raises More Questions [VIDEO]
A new piece of footage taken the day of 18-year-old Michael Brown's death appears to show that Brown did not rob a Ferguson, Missouri store in the hours before he was killed. The never-before-seen video shows Michael appear to exchange marijuana for cigarillos with the clerks in the store.

Director Jason Pollock, whose film "Stranger Fruit" debuted at the South by Southwest festival in Austin over the weekend, said the video proves that Brown did not rob the store before being stopped by police. Pollack adds that the surveillance footage that appeared to show Brown engaged in a robbery at the Ferguson Market and Liquor stores was actually video of him returning to the store to retrieve the cigarillos the clerks gave him.

"This is a shady store. We've asked a lot of people in this community. You can buy weed at the store," Pollock said.

Pollock found out about the footage from a St. Louis County police report that briefly mentioned a video from 1:13 a.m. the day of Brown's death.

Pollack said, "They destroyed Michael’s character with the tape, and they didn’t show us what actually happened. So this shows [the police’s] intention to make him look bad. And shows suppression of evidence."
A lawyer for the convenience store, Jay Kanzler, said in a statement, "There was no transaction. There was no understanding. No agreement. Those folks didn’t sell him cigarillos for pot. The reason he gave it back is he was walking out the door with unpaid merchandise and they wanted it back."

In an earlier interview, when Pollack appeared alongside Brown's father, Pollock said, "What this video shows is that (police) lied to the world about what happened. They wanted to make Mike look bad, so they put out half a video to destroy his character in his death."

Brown's father said the new video shows his son "was not in the wrong," and he is hoping the case will be reopened. Brown's father also believes that protests may not have turned violent if the police had been more open. He stated, "Maybe the city of Ferguson wouldn't have gotten tore up like that. It's almost like they asked for it, if you ask me, for not keeping no truth in there."

Police say the new footage is irrelevant to their investigation. Authorities previously stated that  Officer Darren Wilson initially stopped Brown for walking in the street, not because the store reported a robbery.

Michael Brown’s parents have filed a federal lawsuit against Officer Wilson, the city of Ferguson and the former Ferguson police chief with a civil trial scheduled to start in 2018.

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