Dallasblack.com: Nicki Minaj Finally Admits To Having Issues With Cardi B + Tearfully Explains What Cardi B Did To Hurt Her — Watch


Saturday, April 14, 2018 8:49 AM

Nicki Minaj Finally Admits To Having Issues With Cardi B + Tearfully Explains What Cardi B Did To Hurt Her — Watch

By: Monya Fleming

Nicki Minaj Finally Admits To Having Issues With Cardi B + Tearfully Explains What Cardi B Did To Hurt Her — Watch
There have been rumors swirling for the past year about an alleged beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Nicki is now speaking out about their issues, revealing that she felt hurt by Cardi and Migos rapper, Quavo.

Minaj spoke to Apple Music's Beats 1 host, Zane Lowe, on Thursday, giving her side of the story of their 'beef' following the "MotorSport" collaboration.

The "Anaconda" rapper revealed that Cardi B "really hurt her feelings" after the track was released.

She said, "The first interview [Cardi] did after MotorSport came out, it just really hurt me cause she looked so aggravated and angry... I kind of felt ambushed."

She is referring to the interview where Cardi claimed that Nicki changed her verses on "MotorSport" after Cardi joined the track. She felt the "Bodak Yellow" rapper was suggesting she was trying to get over on her.

Cardi opened up last fall in an interview with Capital XTRA, stating that she never heard the full verse of Nicki's until the song dropped.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper stated, "Well, when I heard the track, her verse wasn't finished. Or it's not the verse that's [on there] right now. And Quavo [member of Migos] told me that to get on the song, and I just felt like it's a perfect opportunity for me to be on a track that's big like them."

Cardi continued, "Cause those are two big people, and I just started in the game. And I just know if I get on this record, it's gonna be crazy. Like who doesn't want it?"

(You Can Watch that below)

#PressPlay: #CardiB addresses how she became a part of #Motorsport featuring #NickiMinaj and #Migos. She says that when she first heard the track, Nicki's verse was different than the version we hear today. Via: @capitalxtra

Nicki stated in her interview on Thursday that she has no beef with Cardi, but just felt let down and hurt.  

Nicki told host Zane, "That really, really hurt me because I really fully supported [Cardi]. And up until this recent interview she did [with Ebro Darden for Beats 1], I had never seen her show me genuine love in an interview."

Minaj adds, "And I can only imagine how many girls wished they could've been on a song with Nicki Minaj. I'm not saying it in a cocky way... I'm saying it, like, the first thing out of your mouth when somebody asks you about a Nicki Minaj feature is, "she changed her verse." Excuse me?"

@nickiminaj feelings about @iamcardib interview with @zanelowe on @beats1official . . . . . #nickiminaj #balleralert #philly #idoit4hiphop #mediapersonality #hiphop #barbies #cardib #beats1radio #beats1

During the interview, the "No Frauds" rapper also showed her support for Cardi B and hopes the best for her.  

Minaj said, "I do want to say shoutout to Cardi and all the new female rappers who've been doing their thing. With Cardi B, she's done exactly what she should have done. She's just gone full steam ahead. And, you know, congratulations to her."

Fans may recall when Cardi's interview about the changed verse came out, Nicki hopped on Twitter to clear things up. 

She explained on Twitter that she was originally the only feature on the track besides Quavo and that she approves everything that has her name on it. 

Nicki addressed that situation again on Twitter on Thursday.

She tweeted, "How can you say someone changed their verse & forget to say Quavo told me to remove my singing part (which I loved) & Atlantic told me to remove your name from my verse per your request? So how were those changes gonna happen if I didn't 'change my verse?'"

During her Thursday interview, Nicki also told Zane that she had hoped Quavo would back her up on her comments on social media. 


She recalled, "I was like, 'Hey, can you back me up on this? Cause I don't want people to think I'm lying. What do I have to lie about?' I still have his texts. He said 'I would go on Twitter and back you up if you were my girl, LOL,'  and that hurt.  I thought of him as my baby. I think of all of them as my babies."

Nicki adds, "[Quavo] said 'I’m not going to go on Twitter and address that [expletive]. If i do an interview, then I’ll address it.' It hurt my feelings to see people sit by and watch me be slaughtered and not say anything. They thought it was entertaining to watch Nicki look like the bad guy."

Not only did Nicki Minaj just spill the tea, but she made a complete mess!

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