Dallasblack.com: SHADE ALERT! Joseline goes back to her old ways and completely spills ALL the tea on...


Saturday, May 14, 2016 8:30 AM

SHADE ALERT! Joseline goes back to her old ways and completely spills ALL the tea on...

By: Jasmine Jackson

SHADE ALERT! Joseline goes back to her old ways and completely spills ALL the tea on...

Written by Jasmine Jackson:

SHADE ALERT! Joseline Hernandez goes back to her old ways and completely spills ALL the tea on...

Heyyyy y’all! This episode kicked off with the conclusion of Joseline’s messy ass party! She followed through on all those promises to AIR OUR EVERYONE’S BUSINESS! Mimi sees that she shouldn’t have trusted Joseline in the first place, she disrespected her new relationship to the fullest. Mimi’s lets it be known that Karlie has told everyone that Joseline threatened to blackmail her. But she also spilled her own lemonade and let the baddest boosh know that she had a housewarming party and didn’t invite her.

Stevie J walks in looking like… Idk what he was wearing and why he was walking like George Jefferson! Now look at this clip of him and Chris hugging, it looked like she was feeling it. Well she was until he did exactly what Mimi asked him not to do, by calling her beautiful.

He then added a layer of sleaze and her asked about a threesome. Mimi fills Stevie in on the fact that Joseline is being Messy. And I cracked up at Scrap Jr overhearing the gossip and chiming in to whine about his drama. He then ends up in front of Joseline himself and she lets him know that Stevie and his mama did the nasty and could possibly be his pops.

Lmao at Joseline’s video and then pep talk about family.

So after Stevie settled everyone down from getting ready to riot, Joseline decides to put some action to her speech/pep talk, she brought in Dawn. Now the reveal for me was of course a snooze fest, but of course Tommie had beef with it smh. She went all southside on her, pointing fingers and rolling necks. Stevie is mad that Joseline ruined the party but he has let all her other messiness slide.

Tammi takes the Bam on her very first date since her breakup with Scrappy Sr. *Insert side-eye here* She ends up “clicking” with Waka’s homeboy and they both order the chicken and waffles.

Baby Scrap and his brother with the nice teeth are drinking and invite their dad—I mean uncle to join them. They hit him with the info that Joseline spread and he of course denies the rumors.

Rasheeda’s store is doing well but she wants to fix her personal life, mainly her mom and Momma Dee’s beef. Then it zooms over to Momma Dee in bed licking on nipples! I was so not ready for that y’all, she could have saved those tricks and kept them in private! I feel like scrap I wasn’t ready for this! I need my inhaler!

But we were spared and there was no more lube?!?!?!?! Momma Dee admitted to being deprived and it looks like she still wouldn’t get satisfied!

Stevie finally speaks up and lets Joseline know she needs to sit her little self down and just focus on her own career. She of course isn’t trying to hear that, her “husband” defending his possible boo and kids. She’s over it!

KK faces her fears and goes to celebrate the life of her nephew Dolla, in the midst she makes amends with Scrap Deleon.

Rasheeda and Scrapp getting their moms together with the help of Deb was a big fail! I see what Rasheeda’s mama Shirleen was saying though.

But they then realize that it was only because Momma Dee wasn’t pleased in the bedroom. I had prayed we were done with that convo but it was back and with a vengeance!

I died when Momma Dee called her Pearlean though.

Next week’s episode looks like it promises to deliver once again.

Karlie Redd and Scrapp Jr in her La store? Don’t mind if I do!!! I am ready for the rest of the mess! See y’all then.

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