Dallasblack.com: Peter Thomas' Baby Mama Has The Internet Mad After Telling Their Son He Is “Not Black” In New Viral Video


Thursday, December 20, 2018 6:36 AM

Peter Thomas' Baby Mama Has The Internet Mad After Telling Their Son He Is “Not Black” In New Viral Video

By: Vincent Tucker

Peter Thomas' Baby Mama Has The Internet Mad After Telling Their Son He Is “Not Black” In New Viral Video
Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas had his life with ex-wife Cynthia Bailey in the spotlight.

However, many fans have no clue that Peter has five children...with one of his baby mamas claiming her son is "brown" instead of "black." 

Thomas decided to share a video of the mother of his son, Bryce, with his mother Nancy Hernandez. The pair are shown discussing whether or not he is actually black, which is sure to anger many people.

Fernandez, who has very tight, curly hair, is likely Latina. She may be simply joking in the video, but her remarks come off as racist.

In the clip, Nancy is shown telling her teenage son that he's "not Black," but "brown," after he clearly stated he is Black.

"What do I have?" she asked him in the video. "A white daughter and Black son," he responded.
This is My Baby, he is absolutely beautiful, @kvnng.bt @sportsoneclt @cluboneclt

She quickly corrected him, saying, "You're not Black, you're brown."

Peter's followers couldn't help but notice her rather disgusting view on colorism that has affected her son. Bryce jokingly states, "My dad is the color of a newly paved street," as he responds that his father is definitely black. 

Fernandez then decides to comment, "He doesn't count. I made you all by myself."

Bryce simply adds, "I'm Black."

Watch the strange interaction below:

#PressPlay: Baby Mother to Ex RHOA Star, Peter Thomas, Tells Their Son He’s “NOT Black”—blogged by @lovelikejhoney

Fans weighed in on the exchange and most comments bashed Thomas' baby mama.

One person wrote, "I’m glad he corrected her. She’s clearly trying to whitewash him because unless that’s a treatment sis hair doesn’t look as a pure blood European descendant. I feel like she meant it because when the video starts she’s asking him ‘what do I have’. [Expletive] came from between you legs why you asking him [expletive]."

One of Peter's followers posted, "She looks Puerto Rican. Colorism is a huge problem in the Latino community. It’s a shame that she laid down and had a baby by a black man but doesn’t want her son to identify as black. She didn’t mind that black [expletive] all up in her tho 🤷🏻♀️ at least her son has more sense than her. That boy is peters twin too. Handsome kid."
Another fan wrote,  "This goes back to people feeling disrespected for stating the obvious. She is not saying that he is not black ethnically but physically. He is brown and she is saying it like an angry baby mother, not a "racist". Be happy to be who the [expletive] God made you not who society labeled you. You dumb [expletive], be proud to be black, brown, white. Then you can make changes, other than that you will be sitting there thinking everything is a racial cue."

Another follower added, "He tagged her. She looks like a white hispanic to me in her pics. Her daughter does appear to be white. Peter you had a child with a racist [expletive] chick who is teaching your son self hate. You should be embarrassed, but I guess u were young and dumb and didn’t realize choosing a woman for her skin tone was stupid."

Thomas attempted to poke fun at the video, although he had to know how people would react.

He shared the video with the caption, "@kvnng.bt (my son stated, my dad is black like a newly paved street) 😂😂😂😂 I AM BLACK @itsnancyhernandez BUT I AM ALSO BEAUTIFUL.."

Bryce’s mom is a hairstylist in Florida, who owns a salon and spa in Miami called the Butterfly Hair Bar.

Thomas responded to the outrage about the video he posted, stating that his baby mama is not racist. He revealed they were together for five years and "made that beautiful baby boy together."
These two, @kvnng.bt @itsnancyhernandez inseparable.

He said Hernandez was just having fun with her son and that she knows her son is black and she is Dominican.

Thomas told his followers to please stop the hate and to move on with your life. 
These are all my beautiful kids, age 30, 27, 19, 15, and 10, and I LOVE them all so much, also Noelle who's with her dad today, having kids is a gift from God.

Peter has also been in the news after posting a video of himself with his girlfriend, Toni Scott. 

Peter shared a video to Instagram of himself making out with the woman, believed to be his Sports One employee, Toni Scott. They have reportedly been dating since early December.

Thomas is shown riding on a boat with his arms around his lady friend as he kisses her neck. Peter captioned the photo, "the countdown is real, let’s go."

Thomas' girlfriend is said to be the general manager of his bar, Sports One. There were even rumors he may have been hooking up with Toni during his marriage to Cynthia. There has not been any confirmation of that report. 

What do you make of the colorism comments by Nancy Hernandez?

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