Dallasblack.com: Phaedra Parks Officially Fired From “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” - REPORT


Monday, May 08, 2017 3:10 PM

Phaedra Parks Officially Fired From “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” - REPORT

By: Monya Fleming

Phaedra Parks Officially Fired From “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” - REPORT
Phaedra Parks has been fired from the "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" following the fourth part of the Season 9 reunion.

Parks was finally revealed to be the person that started the rumors that Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker tried to drug Porsha Williams in order to take advantage of her sexually.

Producers of "RHOA" decided not to ask Phaedra back for season 10, following her allegations against Burruss. 

She was reportedly told she would not be returning back in April.

Rumors of her being fired began circulating in early April. The reasons behind her alleged firing include her lying and manipulative behavior. At that time, a rep for Parks claimed the rumors were 'untrue.' 

Fans noticed Phaedra also had removed all traces of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" from her profiles on her social media accounts. That move certainly raised eyebrows!

The reality star and attorney, who had been on "RHOA" since 2010, admitted on the reunion show that she started the messy rumors about Kandi. Fans were calling for Phaedra to be fired after her lies were exposed. 

During the final part of the reunion show, Porsha and Kandi both broke down in tears when they found out Parks had started the rumor claiming Kandi and Todd wanted to drug Porsha and seduce her. That was one of many rumors she appeared to start, but also the most damaging.

Porsha, who had become a friend to Phaedra (or so she thought}, began sobbing and said she felt she had been a 'pawn' in Parks' vendetta against Kandi.
Kandi was both shocked and hurt to hear Phaedra started the vicious lies about her. She said, "She and I, it had escalated over the years, but to repeat and say I would drug somebody, it's just a multiple level to that.

"She, as someone who knows me, knows I don't do drugs… but then as an attorney, why would you repeat that someone drugged somebody? You should understand that drugging somebody while they're drinking and taking them home is rape. Y'all accused me of being a [expletive] rapist."

Phaedra attempted to deny starting the rumor when Kandi called Porsha out for letting Phaedra 'pull her strings." 

Porsha cried and told Phaedra, "I would never say that about somebody if you didn't tell me that."

Phaedra tried to save face and stated, "I didn't say that to you. I don't remember saying that. I repeated it because I heard it."

Porsha responded, "You've got me out here looking like a damn liar and that I'm not."

Phaedra later gave an apology to Porsha, but remained defiant and refusing to take responsibility for her actions while in the studio.

Parks simply said, "I made a rash decision. I'm sorry,. I don't know if you heard me wrong."

Wow! Are you happy Phaedra was fired after her behavior or will you miss her on the show?

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