Dallasblack.com: Newlyweds Kenya Moore And Marc Daly Trying To Get Pregnant As 'RHOA' Star Spotted In IVF Clinic — Video


Thursday, November 16, 2017 1:52 PM

Newlyweds Kenya Moore And Marc Daly Trying To Get Pregnant As 'RHOA' Star Spotted In IVF Clinic — Video

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Newlyweds Kenya Moore And Marc Daly Trying To Get Pregnant As 'RHOA' Star Spotted In IVF Clinic — Video
Kenya Moore and her new husband Marc Daly are trying to have a baby. Apparently.

Umm…weren’t they supposedly just smack dab in the middle sorting through of some problematic-sounding issues

"This is really just [expletive] with him,” Kenya recently cried to a producer. “He can’t even sleep, he’s not eating. He’s got ex-girlfriends sending him things about me from 25 years ago [about] some famous guy I dated. Like, what does it have to do with now? They don’t know me and everybody said he fought his mother and everybody for me. This pressure is too much. It’s too much stuff going on. I don’t wanna get divorced.”

Maybe wait a bit and see whether, you know, you two can actually work as a couple before you bring a child into it?

Anyway, 46-year-old Kenya reportedly flew to Barbados (with beau jetting in to meet her later this week) to visit an IVF clinic. TMZ says that the Barbados Fertility Center is established; the reality TV star is undergoing IVF treatment.

Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras were not rolling…and it is seems that Kenya that will discuss her IVF treatment during the reunion segment of the series.

Of course.

Family night with #TheDalys Nothing is more important to me than my family. #love #goodtimes #familyfirst #ThatsMrsDalyToYou #KenyaMoore #issawife #blacklove

Marc is not about that reality TV show life, you guys. And Kenya tried to make this clear from the beginning. She stated, "He didn’t sign up for this world, I did […] Every time someone has been associated with me, they attack that person – immediately going after them, trying to bring them down and saying crazy things. They tear people apart. And so for [Marc], he was like, ‘This is about me and you — it is not about me or you.”

That didn’t sit too well with the cast and crew of RHOA though! In fact, she may have been given an ultimatum from producers at one point in time. Yikes. 

The pair dated for about six months before they decided to secretly swap “I Dos”. In the premiere episode, Kenya stated that she met Marc in a restaurant, but did not start dating him until months later. She says he is a successful former Wall Street Banker, who is now an entrepreneur.

Oh and Kenya revealed on Instagram that the confessions she made on-camera weren’t quite what they seemed to be.

Pictured: @chefroble and me I owe this guy so much for introducing me to my husband. I want to set the record straight on what it was like in the beginning for us. Check out my @bravotv blog at: http://bravo.ly/2yCTG7H Here is a snippet: @bravotv Why did you get so emotional with the producer? I was not aware I was being recorded and during my private conversation. I was only 2 weeks into my marriage and as a newlywed I was supposed be in wedding bliss, but I was not. We were targeted with so much hatred, negativity and interference at that time I was overwhelmed and emotionally drained. The things that people did to try to hurt us was incredulous to me. I was breaking down over the things people would say to him about me in hopes of tarnishing his image and love for me. I do regret sharing my feelings with someone that isn't my husband. He just doesn't deserve my [expletive]. He's done nothing but love me and to hear people question his reasons for marrying me was hurtful. As a wife, I've had to learn what is between us is between us. We are in this together and he is my heart. We fight battles as a team and together we have to deal with what comes our way. We are one. We solve our problems together and privately. With that said, my husband Marc is a very strong and prideful person and fiercely protective of me and my feelings. He will take on anyone or anything for me and has. I've never had anyone love me this way before. The people closest to Marc were not unlike my dad initially. Some had questions because we were so private and married so quickly and they didn't know me only my "image" on TV. However, it wasn't quick to us because we fell so deeply in love and we knew what we wanted in a partner and it took a lifetime to find each other. Now that we are married any issues have all been resolved and they are all extremely supportive. My husband has my back. He knows my heart and even when I have disappointed him he never gives up on me. We are blessed and our businesses are thriving. His restaurant @socobk is soaring and we are expanding. Stay tuned for @socolounge #kenyamoore #RHOA #thatsmrsdalytoyou

Kenya took to Instagram to ask for prayers at this time. Check out her post below.

My twins #kingsandtwirl they bring so much fulfillment in my life, calm, happiness and purpose. I can only imagine what children do. Please pray for me. #love #life #happiness #marriage #truth #forgiveness #laughter #furbabbies #children

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