Dallasblack.com: Rich Dollaz Debuts New Girlfriend & Got Exposed By His Famous ‘Side Chicks’ — Receipts Inside


Sunday, August 05, 2018 8:49 AM

Rich Dollaz Debuts New Girlfriend & Got Exposed By His Famous ‘Side Chicks’ — Receipts Inside

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Rich Dollaz Debuts New Girlfriend & Got Exposed By His Famous ‘Side Chicks’ — Receipts Inside
Should we be ashamed that this story made us laugh?


Prepare for your daily dose of piping hot Love & Hip Hop tea served to you by Mariahlynn and Jhonni Blaze! 

If “Creep Squad” member Rich Dollaz is trying to play the field, he doesn’t seem to be the best at do it… at least not discreetly.

The petty patrol were out in full force after Rich Dollaz posted a photo of him cozied up with a mystery woman, writing, "Wasn't hiding her from y'all was hiding y'all from her."

(Can everyone stop quoting Drake now? No? Okay.)
Okayyy! Looks like #RichDollaz may finally be settling down 👀

After Rich shared this, his exes came out of the woodwork to pull him through the Instagram dirt. Oof.

It wasn't the caption that ticked off Mariahlynn; it was the fact that Rich didn't tell her about his latest chick while they were apparently talking about getting back together. She hopped into the comment section of his post to make her side known.

Hold up. Looks like #mariahlynn and #jhonniblaze got something to say about #richdollaz and his new boo 👀
And that wasn't all!

Then, his other former flame Jhonni Blaze got involved saying, "Oh god lol man I should kick you..." She followed this up with a snap of her on Facetime with him as well. She wrote, "But...He on my phone hey boyfriend ?" 

Rich soon made light of the situation, tweeting, "If you've lost contact w/ girls from 10 years ago easiest way to find them; post a new girl & I guarantee they'll text you "piece of shirt [expletive]," "really [expletive]," "[expletive] you prick" and you say hey babe I was just looking for you." 


Also, it wasn't too long ago that Rich was running up on Erica Mena. So, yeah, this is just what he does.

Also, can you believe that Moniece didn't chime in? 

She once trashed him during an interview with VLAD TV, saying,  "There's no relationship. He's dead to me."

"All I will say is that I can’t trust Rich. I don’t know what’s real for Rich. But I know what I think is that initially it was not real to him. And I think that he was using me and I think that somewhere along the lines, his feelings did become real. I think that Rich did love me eventually. But I don’t think Rich is ever gonna be able to have a successful relationship, unless it’s somebody who never questions him…never pushes him to be better…never challenges him to shift his paradigm."

"Rich lives his life for TV. I live my life on TV and those are completely different things. So Rich does everything for a scene…I don’t. Even at the reunion. We weren’t broken up. That wasn’t real. And he went back to New York and had this whole life I had nothing to do with."

If you look at Rich Dollaz's IG Page, you’ll see that he deleted his original pic with his new bae. 

He’s either three-timing the other two women or they're conspiring to keep him from being great and moving on. It's two different women though, so Mr. Dollaz has some explaining to do.

Anyway, are you cackling over the quips at play in this scenario?

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