Dallasblack.com: Rick Ross Asks Court For Help Controlling His Ex Tia Kemp’s Social Media Accounts & Wild Online Rants


Monday, April 09, 2018 8:17 AM

Rick Ross Asks Court For Help Controlling His Ex Tia Kemp’s Social Media Accounts & Wild Online Rants

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Rick Ross Asks Court For Help Controlling His Ex Tia Kemp’s Social Media Accounts & Wild Online Rants
Rick Ross and Tia Kemp are not going to be holding hands and wandering into the sunset anytime soon. Oof.

The rapper is now looking to shut down his ex's social media accounts to prevent her from attacking him online over child support issues.

To be fair, she does seem to do this a lot.

Rick, born William Leonard Roberts II, has filed court documents seeking to have Tia's social media accounts suspended.

Tia also recently took Ross to court, in an attempt to secure more child support, which has not improved their already-spiky dynamic one bit. 

Not long ago, she declared that Rick is still neglecting his son, while failing to live up to various obligations (i.e. missing the child’s birthday party).

“It hurts me to see my child hurt. Can you imagine having a celeb father, and when he’s in town, he goes all these other places, but can’t come to one of your football games? It’s sad.” Tia said. 

In the latest filing, Rick Ross painted Tia of being a freeloader who is "upset that [Ross] will not cede to her financial demands so that she can live off of child support rather than obtain employment.”

Um, A+ for whoever came up with that fantastic phrasing.

Ross is asking the judge to make Tia hire a third-party to review all of her social media posts before they are made public, to ensure she cannot do any more damage to his reputation.

"He doesn’t know how to hurt me anymore so he’s using our kid to attack me that’s what he’s doing. But, people on the outside can’t see that. Just because of his platform. Of course everyone is going to look at me as the bitter baby mama… I’m over that. I’m over that stage of being hurt. It’s time to step up and be the parent."

"... I am a mother, I am a woman, a black strong woman first of all and no money or power is not going to control me."

"This is about money and control… All I asked for to put our kid in private school. What’s wrong with that? You are the one with all the money. If I had the money our kids will be in private school."

She also blasted him on social media for supposedly being an absentee father.

Rick soon responded to this, noting, "It seems every time I post a picture of me with my beautiful daughter that she always has some negative energy to say."

"It's all about lil man. You can't feed all ten of your siblings off of my lil man."

And then he broached some other topics.

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