Dallasblack.com: Tyrese (Once Again) Claps Back At Criticism Regarding His New Wife [PHOTO]


Monday, March 20, 2017 9:48 AM

Tyrese (Once Again) Claps Back At Criticism Regarding His New Wife [PHOTO]

By: Monya Fleming

Tyrese (Once Again) Claps Back At Criticism Regarding His New Wife [PHOTO]
Tyrese Gibson has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons following his secret Valentine's Day wedding to Samantha Lee. The actor caused controversy when he referred to his mixed race wife as his "black queen" and for his rant about "fake women." Many of his followers took issue with his remarks and began bashing him online. Now, the actor has clapped back. 

Gibson's wife Samantha is Ecuadorian, Jamaican and African-American and trolls on social media began making rude comments after he referred to his bride as a "black queen." The "Fast & Furious" actor later removed his post and shared a message stating, "Someone look around and find me a f**k to give….. I’ll wait."

Tyrese has now shared a photo of his wife with a message of love, after haters appeared to have a problem with his interracial marriage. Gibson wrote in the caption that she is a "white girl", but we have a feeling he was being sarcastic. The actor asked his followers to get over all the hate.

The actor wrote, "When we fell for each other it wasn't falling at all. It was walking into a house and suddenly knowing you are HOME.... #MyWifeMyLife 
Now....... Guys go ahead be yourself...... we will be in the bed cuddles, loves and hugs and I'm sure you're going to see to it that we're entertained...... Let's start by arguing that she's a white girl - yeah that's a good start...... Get it all out your system! Say whatever it is you want - just know..... We good over here...... "

Tyrese added that hash tags #TheGibsons #SheGotHerMasters and #iOWNMyMasters #VoltronRecordzChairman.

Fans began weighing in on the post and many appear to believe he is creating his own issues.

User simplyme421 wrote, "Tyrese cut it out! You are creating your own drama! This is petty and besides, you just got married. This is all your private business. Your main focus should be on your wife and your personal business......not trying to explain and justify to the public. It doesn't matter if she was blue. You married her, she's your wife and that's all that matters. So stop put your diamond out there to be stepped on."
Another follower didn't like the fact Tyrese appeared to be bragging that his wife has a master's degree.

User ahlamira wrote, "Oh wow she has a masters? We are all so impressed, I never like to be mean or say mean things but this whole self righteous attitude and the whole "we are better than all you" thing is getting on my nerves. I don't care what you got in your bank account or what your education is, it doesn't make you better than anyone else. @tyrese how about you try learning some humility."

Some fans showed support for Tyrese, with one fan writing, "She is beautiful no matter what her nationality is. Wishing you blessings. One day I pray it will be as easy for me to find my king."

Gibson also caused controversy last week when he blasted women for wearing hair extensions and for having cosmetic surgery. He wrote, "We know the difference in real hair and fake clips on's we know eye lash extensions, we know fake hard t*****s pointing in 4 directions with your ribs showing in the middle."

#Tyrese has a message for the women with "manufactured beauty" ... thoughts?

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Do you guys think Tyrese would be wise to just keep his mouth shut?

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