Dallasblack.com: Here's What Shaunie O’Neal Told Jackie Christie 'To Her Face' About Drama With Estranged Daughter


Sunday, August 06, 2017 10:59 AM

Here's What Shaunie O’Neal Told Jackie Christie 'To Her Face' About Drama With Estranged Daughter

By: Monya Fleming

Here's What Shaunie O’Neal Told Jackie Christie 'To Her Face' About Drama With Estranged Daughter
This week’s episode of "Basketball Wives" showed Jackie Christie reacting to her co-star and executive producer, Shaunie O'Neal, talking about her in an interview. 

Christie was miffed that Shaunie would dare speak about her personal issues with her estranged daughter, Takari Lee. But was Jackie overreacting?

O'Neal chatted with Hip Hop Socialite about this season of "Basketball Wives", Jackie Christie and the infamous GoFundMe drama, and Takari Lee calling out her mom Jackie on social media. 

O'Neal discussed Christie and having no clue she was a grandmother until all the controversy with her estranged daughter came out. 

Shaunie stated, "Jackie's] a sweetheart, she’s never done anything to me, and I’ve never had a reason to have any problems with Jackie, ever. To this day, I don’t personally have an issue with Jackie Christie, but I said this earlier to someone that I just don’t understand what is going on with that entire situation [with her daughter]. And I’ve sat down with Jackie because I didn’t know Jackie even had grandkids until this incident happened. Never heard any mention of grandkids, which is odd to me – I don’t have grandkids, but I would imagine if I did, the world would know because I just would be a proud grandmother. And knock on wood because I don’t want no grandkids no time soon, but I’m saying that to say that it was shocking that she even had grandkids. And then when find out that she has them this way was like, 'Oh my God! What the heck is going on?'"

The producer was also asked about the GoFundMe page that Takari had set up to obtain funds to treat her child that was badly burned at daycare. Jackie apparently didn't offer to help her own grandchild, but co-star Evelyn Lozada stepped in to donate money. This caused lots of friction between the two cast mates.

O'Neal said, "I’ve got all these questions like everybody else, like why did she have to start a [GoFundMe]? I’m sure Jackie would have helped her – this just doesn’t make sense. So, I asked her, and I don’t’ want to put her business out there because I don’t know if she wants the world to know that or not, but it was a lot of reasons why Jackie gave as far as her relationship with her daughter. To me, as a mother, and I just don’t want to throw shade on anybody because I feel like whatever her truth is, is her truth, and whatever she did or doesn’t do is her. But me as a mom, I don’t really care what my relationship is with my child at that point if there’s a grandchild involved that is hurt, that needs me...But she apparently has a reason why she wasn’t there that she stands by and she’s okay with, and if that’s the way she feels, who am I?"

Shaunie also gave her two cents on Jackie's daughter, Takari, airing her family’s dirty laundry on social media. 

O'Neal said, "[Jackie] stands by her decision, and it’s heartbreaking because every Monday, her daughter goes in on Twitter and any other social media that she can, kind of defending…not really defending, but telling her truth. Like that’s not true, or this and that, and it’s like you keep finding out more and more, and you’re like, what the [expletive]? I cannot wrap my head around how this is okay, at all."

As far as attempting to remove herself from the storyline on Basketball Wives, Shaunie explained, "I even told her to her face, so this will not be news, that I’m choosing to remove myself from any story line about it, any conversation about it because Jackie has always been so sweet and so nice and all those wonderful things, and she’s always been that to me. 
"This situation, I’m so bothered by, that I’m torn too. Like I don’t…I believe it, but I don’t want to believe it – I don’t want to believe that that’s the Jackie Christie I know. And what reasons she gave me, to me aren’t…they just still don’t match, you know what I mean? But I don’t…like I said, I still go give Jackie a hug, and I still like her, but this right here, I don’t even know. I just have chosen to not have an opinion, not say anything because she’s very sensitive about it, and it’s caused a lot of tears and a lot of conversations this season."

O'Neal took to social media after the interview to write, "I did do an interview, and I told the truth. I did not know Jackie was a grandmother until Evelyn donated to her daughter."

The night the episode aired, Shaunie tweeted that she doesn't talk about people's children.

Jackie responded to Shaunie, saying, "I don't have to address a women hell bent on faking in public I ignore them until it's no other way #Bbwla6@vh1"

Tami Roman also gave her two cents on the beef between Shaunie and Jackie, tweeting, "FYI Shaunie is VERY receptive 2 having a convo in the proper environment. Trying to front her off for TV doesn't sit well w/her #bbw#BBWLA"

Do you think Jackie is making this a bigger deal than necessary? Shaunie didn't really say anything offensive.

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