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Sunday, March 04, 2018 12:40 PM

'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' Star Shay Johnson Puts Lil' Scrappy All The Way On Blast

By: Monya Fleming

'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' Star Shay Johnson Puts Lil' Scrappy All The Way On Blast
Lil Scrappy, who is now happily married to Bambi Benson, has been shown on the current season of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" during his previous split with Bambi. 

The rapper's ex-girlfriend, Shay Johnson, is now calling him out for hooking up with her and his baby mama, Erica Dixon!

Fans may recall that Scrappy moved to Miami around the time of his break-up with Benson. During his time in Miami, he reportedly hooked up with his baby mama Erica as well as his other ex Shay Johnson.

Fans of the show took Scrappy to task on the timeline of his hook-ups, especially after he tied the knot to Bambi shortly after he was with his exes. 

Shay decided to air his dirty laundry in a recent interview, exposing him for sleeping with her and Erica.

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Shay said of Scrappy, "He was on the show with me, you know. Were we intimate? Yes. Scrappy came to Love And Hip Hop Miami and he and offered me another dream. He said that we can rekindle. We can figure out where this goes. We can try it again for the tenth time. And of course I believed him."

Johnson continued ,"And when things didn’t go the way he wanted it to go, he ran off and eloped. That’s basically what he did. And then recently he actually posted a post on his Instagram and he stated how he was in a bad place in Miami and he’s happy in the situation now with his wife."

Shay went on to say, "And I respect that but guess what? When you were in Miami, which was what? Less than six months ago? You were on top of me. And it felt pretty good.

"We were doing a lot of things together because I believed again his [expletive]. I believed what he said. And once things didn’t go his way, he just ran off and went back to his other situation. But Scrappy never really left me alone."

Shay adds, "He’s been always in and out my life as long as I allowed him to be in and out of my life. And at this point, I just don’t want it anymore. I’m tired of him stepping on my heart, so I let the situation go. And he ran off and eloped."
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Shay then described the timeline of Scrappy's relationships. She said, "Let me tell you about this timeline. He was with me in Miami. We got into it over some things that are happening on the show which you will see. He ended up telling me he was going to Punta Cana to hang out with his boys. He ended there with his baby mama, okay? After Punta Cana, a little situation there, somehow he ended up eloping with his now wife."

Johnson continued, "Whatever happened in Punta Cana with his baby mama didn’t work. So he went from me, to his baby mama to his situation right now with the female he’s married to right now. I ain’t gonna mention nobody’s name."

She went on, "I understand that his wife should some feel type of way about her now husband on television with another female, I understand that. But this is reality."

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Johnson went on to state, "He came to Miami. I never asked him to. He pursued me. And because I had love for him and I still do, I’m not ashamed to say that, it’s just that the fact that I’m more vocal now. So all this [expletive] that he talks and all the lies on how he was such in a bad place...you were in a great place when you were on top of me. But now all of a sudden you have to cover all the [expletive] you did in Miami. Why? Unless you’re trying to protect somebody else’s feelings. Which you should. But I have to protect my feelings and it’s time for me to speak the truth. You’re full of [expletive] but I wish you well. How about that?"

#tbt yeah looking at my wife @adizthebam when she was my girlfriend like ...... lol a boo I told u I love u and u can’t just leave me like that 😂 u stuck like chuck lol

Yikes! We imagine Bambi isn't too thrilled hearing about Scrappy's little rendezvous during their split with his ex-girlfriends!

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