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Thursday, March 08, 2018 8:10 AM

"Black Ink Crew" Star Sky's Son Genesis & His Father Clap Back At Critics

By: Monya Fleming

"Black Ink Crew" Star Sky's Son Genesis & His Father Clap Back At Critics
Fans of "Black Ink Crew" watched this past season Sky met up with her estranged son, Genesis, and things didn't go well. Now, Genesis and his father Big Reez are taking on Instagram users that believe Sky has been treated unfairly. They set the record straight!

A fan of Sky's suggested that Big Reez trash-talked Sky to their son, leading to Genesis feeling resentful. Reez also set the Instagram user straight on the "adoption" of Genesis.

Big Reez wrote, "[Expletive what I put in his head...I'll wait." He later added, "[Expletive] the truth shall set us free #fakeadoption. I never signed over my rights. #doyourresearch."

Fans of "Black Ink Crew" will recall that Big Reez and Genesis exposed Sky in an interview this past year, calling her out for lying on the show.  

Big Reez claims Sky willingly gave up his son, and his brother, and denied Sky's claims the boys were twins. 

Genesis later weighed in on the latest social media posts to Reez. A person had commented on the original post, revealing they had a similar experience with their children. 
They claimed their child had been adopted without their knowledge and given to a great aunt. However, the IG user also pointed out that the fact that Sky waited so long to see her children.  

A fan, @lilboyworld, wrote, "@bigreez man these [expletive] and [expletive] gone keep taking. I kind of went through something similar. My kid's mom gave them to their great aunt on they mom side. It was an uphill battle to see my kids. What kills me is people on the outside looking in, watching a god [expletive] tv show that need a [expletive] storyline to boost ratings...to make more people watch talking [expletive]. I don't believe [expletive] from the reality fiction [expletive] show. Bro, [expletive] these folks. Your son knows what he was put through...p.s. for you tv fans: If the lady wanted to see her kids that bad, why did she wait so long to go see them. [expletive] make no sense. Man, ya'll keep doing ya'll. Ya'll obviously look happy dawg. Blessings to ya."

Genesis responded by writing, "@lilboyworld 100 100 my [expletive] real recognize real dawg...lol. I don't even pay attention to it. I'm chasing my dreams, running into this paper...It's too much money to be made and not enough time to make it."

Sky discussed her broken relationship with Genesis in episode 11 of Black Ink Crew‘s sixth season, “Kim Jong Sky.” 

Fans may recall that Genesis nearly attacked her when they met up after no seeing one another for over 14 years. 
Get that Act Right Only If You Act Right 🎟

Sky has a good relationship with her youngest son, Des, but the tattoo artist and her son Genesis don’t get along. 

❤️So Proud Of The Man You're Growing Into Young KinG 👑 #LoveYou #MySon

Genesis previously claimed that Sky was lying on the reality show. He is also unhappy she gave him up for adoption.

Sky told Genesis she was very young when he was born and was not able to take of him properly.  Her son just isn't buying her story! 

Genesis’ father, Big Reez, revealed that Sky didn’t have to give him up for adoption. Big Reez claims that he tried to raise Genesis but Sky refused.

Genesis also harbors resentment over Sky not reaching out to him at a rough time in his life. He was struggling to find a job after being released from jail.

He previously shared, "I was released from jail without an ID and when I went to the family… I was told that my social security card had been lost. I spent two months struggling to get the information I needed just to get my ID. No help was offered from my mom, not even recognition of me being alive until I did this interview.”

Genesis also wonders if Sky would have even acknowledged him if he had not forced the issue by speaking about her publicly.
My Twin💕 #LifesCompleteCantWaitTillWeMeetAgain

Genesis explained that he has never had a relationship with Sky and isn't interested in one now. "I would have loved to have a relationship with her a long time ago," he explained, adding that he's an adult now and he doesn’t feel the need to reconnect. 

He also adds that he only met his birth father, Reese, last year. 

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