Dallasblack.com: DeRay Davis Explains His 'Three-lationship' With His Two Live-In Girlfriends — Watch


Friday, November 10, 2017 12:02 PM

DeRay Davis Explains His 'Three-lationship' With His Two Live-In Girlfriends — Watch

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

DeRay Davis Explains His 'Three-lationship' With His Two Live-In Girlfriends — Watch
Comedian & actor DeRay Davis has a pretty unique relationship dynamic going on at home; two girlfriends, to be precise. And people are really, really interested in this for some reason?

He opened up about this on “The Real”  and the trio all live together, apparently.

DeRay explained, “I’ve been with one for five years; the other one for about… 2 ½ years…”

Let’s not get too fixated on the timeline. How do you think the conversation went the first time around? To be a fly on the wall, eh?

Don’t worry though, the ladies know all about each other.

Oh and according to him, they are quite onboard with this set-up.

“They’re very comfortable, cause I’m very open, I don’t make it where it’s all “Oh, look what I’m doing!” I’m not a player…”

He actually starred in a reality show called "Living With Funny" last year with his girlfriends, Coco and Caro. 

Honestly, we are more hung up on the fact that their names are so matchy-matchy than anything else.

He also revealed that they do all sleep together from time to time…when he isn't picking and choosing who he wants to roll around in the sheets with that night. 

Check out his explanation below:


Hey, whatever works for them. It’s all consensual and everyone seems happy with the arrangement, so…sure.

Bet Tamar would have some comments on this (even though, you know, glass houses or whatever) if she hadn’t been booted off the show.

Why? Because DeRay and Tamar reportedly got into a strange little fight during a taping of "Hip Hop Squares" not too long ago. It was kind of odd.

Davis supposedly cracked a joke about her lip-syncing and Tamar didn’t find it funny at all, it seems. Apparently Lil Mama later filled Tamar in and she wasn't happy about the quip. Guess it hit a nerve after so many people were saying that she just pretended to sing during her 2017 BET Awards performance.

Insiders then claimed that Tamar confronted DeRay and they were soon in the midst of an explosive argument. He reportedly stated he didn't care who she or her sisters are, saying he would have his own sisters involved to fight her.


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