Dallasblack.com: Stevie J Fears For Safety Of Daughter With Joseline As He Files For Full Custody


Sunday, May 26, 2019 2:31 PM

Stevie J Fears For Safety Of Daughter With Joseline As He Files For Full Custody

By: Vincent Tucker

Stevie J Fears For Safety Of Daughter With Joseline As He Files For Full Custody
Earlier this month, Stevie J accused Joseline Hernandez of not letting him see their daughter, Bonnie Bella Jordan, after settling a previous custody battle with her last year. 

Now the Love & Hip Hop star is following up his words with legal action as he’s requesting full custody of their two-year-old child. 

According to court documents secured by BOSSIP, Stevie J accuses his ex-fiancée of “purposely cutting Bonnie Bella out of his life” since she moved to Miami to be with another man. 

He goes out to point out that the Puerto Rican Princess doesn’t let him speak to Bonnie on the phone nor shares any updates on her life.

In addition, the “parental alienation” by Hernandez has the music producer scared for his daughter’s safety as he wants a “guardian ad litem” who will seek out Bonnie's best interests and report it to a judge.

In the court documents, Stevie says that he is in a better position to provide for his daughter financially and that his home, (with his adult children and his new wife Faith Evans), would be a safer environment for Bonnie’s development. 

The 47-year-old reality star is not only seeking custody of Bonnie Bella, He also wants Joseline to pay child support. 

A judge has yet to rule on Stevie's request.



Previous story by Vincent "Heartbreak" Tucker (09/09/2018 at 9:27 am CT):

It looks like this ex-couple continue to struggle with effective co-parenting.

According to Hollywoodlife, Love & Hip Hop star Stevie J hasn’t visited his 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella in months! 

In a sit-down with Bossip, Joseline Hernandez talked about when she got pregnant, saying: “You guys to realize that I have never had my baby for anyone other than myself. Because when I got pregnant, I was separated; I was all by myself; I was a single woman. I accepted and took care of my responsibility without a problem. And I took it upon myself to make sure everything that I did moving forward at that time was the best providing, no matter who was there. At the end of the day, I was going to make sure she was always good.”

As we all know so well, this is not the first time either one of them have thrown shade at the other. 

Back in July 2018, the Puerto Rican Princess had the pettiest reaction to her baby daddy marrying 90’s R&B icon Faith Evans in a surprise wedding in Las Vegas. 

In since-deleted posts, she shared messages that, uh, may have come from Stevie asking The Puerto Rican Princess to become his wife first. Yikes.

Joseline shared a screenshot of a June 17th text conversation between her and Stevie J, who was saved under "A hole" in her phone. Petty.

Stevie wrote "Will you marry me?" and Joseline snapped back, saying, "I’m actually trying to marry someone else I really like. I’m sorry. I tried it with you. I’m liking some one else a lot."

The thread seemed to show that he didn't take her refusal well as he went on to call her a "stupid little [expletive]," soon after.

“Coo. Damn. I love you Joseline. You stupid little b[expletive],” Stevie replied to her burn with.

Hernandez wasn't done with exposing session as she then took to Twitter to send another message to him regarding his allegedly late child support payments.

#Joseline still not done with #StevieJ 😩
One week later, Joseline came for Stevie & Faith Evans union once online. 

The Shade Room was being messy and created a post on Instagram about unknowingly being photographed with someone that winds up dating your ex. The Puerto Rican Princess slid into the comments and wrote, “You know they say one mans garbage is another's [sic] man treasure. But we know is [sic] still garbage.”

See the post and her response in full, below:

Despite the beef, the ex-couple have settled their custody war. Stevie J pays $1,000 in child support as Joseline has primary custody of Bonnie Bella. The two also agreed to not have any romantic partners over their house when Bonnie stays over.


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