Dallasblack.com: Here’s The Latest Scoop On The State Of T.I. And Tiny’s Marriage


Wednesday, July 12, 2017 1:32 PM

Here’s The Latest Scoop On The State Of T.I. And Tiny’s Marriage

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Here’s The Latest Scoop On The State Of T.I. And Tiny’s Marriage
Normally, we preface updates on T.I. and Tiny’s ever-changing relationship status with words of warning, typically directed at Tiny. However, she seems hell-bent on taking her husband back no matter what, so we will save our breath and just dive into this one.

“T.I. has been hooking up with Tiny now and then and it just ends up hurting her,” a source told close to the couple recently told HollywoodLife.com. “He comes back, acts like he’s back in love with her and then he suddenly goes cold on her again. It’s torture. She just wants him to stop playing games and be the husband he used to be, but everyone is telling her that’s never going to happen.” 

“It would be honestly be better if they just cut each other off cold turkey rather than dragging this divorce out,” the insider continued. “Until one of them does she’s still holding out hope he will change and come back to her for good.”

Agree with you, whoever-you-are, source!

In other “them” news, T.I. may have recently dissed former lady love Bernice Burgos. She had posted, “A [expletive] will do anything to impress a female for some [expletive], is that true fellas? Whether it is a celebrity of regular female, I need answers…” 

She was reportedly peeved that T.I. was secretly still sleeping with Tiny, by the way. Well, a fan noticed that Tip liked a very interesting response to this.
It read, “[Expletive] ain’t worth the bull[expletive] it comes along with, most of the time.” 

Oh and T.I. added a comment that said, "#bigolefacts.”

That is pretty hilarious. We can’t say that we feel bad for Bernice at all. Really, who but her wouldn’t see this attitude coming? Plus, she had dropped her own pile of problematic comments in the past so we don’t really feel up to throwing her a little pity party right now.

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