Dallasblack.com: Tamar and Adrienne Bailon are NOT friends anymore after Tamar pulls the ULTIMATE disrespectful move!


Monday, January 09, 2017 11:30 PM

Tamar and Adrienne Bailon are NOT friends anymore after Tamar pulls the ULTIMATE disrespectful move!

By: Martel Sharpe

Tamar and Adrienne Bailon are NOT friends anymore after Tamar pulls the ULTIMATE disrespectful move!

Tamar and Adrienne Bailon are NOT friends anymore after Tamar pulls the ULTIMATE disrespectful move!

Okay Tamartians, let’s get ready to drool all over this fresh piping hot tea. Adrienne Bailon fans can join in too, even though most her fans either jumped ship or don’t speak english. Who remembers the days when Tamar was still on “The Real” and her best buddy on the show was Adrienne? Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock for more than half a year, you know good and well that those days are long gone.

Fans have confirmed that Adrienne has officially unfollowed Tamar on Instagram.She clicked the unfollow button over the holidays, months after Tamar had already unfollowed her on Instagram back in July. She still follows Tamar on Twitter. Prior to Adrienne’s social media revelation, Tamar went in on her former co-hosts by calling them all liars and claiming that they were all aware of her firing. She also goes on to say that none of them had tried to reach out to her in the days that followed, even though all of the other ladies have claimed on multiple occasions that they indeed reached out. 

Tamar was fired from “The Real” in May of last year. She was blindsided along with fans of the show, many who enjoyed her sassy and outrageous personality. After being fired it took Tamar no time to start talking; she gave an interview on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show”, revealing all of the details on how her and Vince found out she was fired.

Adrienne has also been speaking to the press and feels free to speak about her relationship with Tamar. She likes to talk about how much she loves Tamar despite the drama and admits that she no longer speaks to her. In October on Power 105.1 in New York, she told Angie Martinez that her feud with Tamar has actually made her grow closer to Jeannie, Loni, and Tamera. Basically, when multiple people can’t stand someone they bond over their mutual hate for that person; sort of like the enemy of my enemy is my friend. 

While Adrienne continues to speak about all of this love she has for someone that she can't even get on the phone with, Ms. Braxton is firing shots and taking names. Tamar has called all of her former co-hosts “phony bitches” and isn’t shy about slamming them in public. During an appearance on “The T.D. Jakes Show “she claimed that she believes God removed her from the show to “protect [her]”, after getting her chuckle on when T.D. stated that the shows ratings haven’t been doing so well ever since she left. 

This was my answer... I was only joking 🙄.....which I guess is the OLD word for shade) ..Like that's not what I would normally do🙄...FYI...I don't wish ANYONE harm, bad luck, or cancelations, but I truly wish the girls, AND the real good luck and may God smile upon you! NOW... Can we put the "so called feud" to rest?? ❤️ ya!! I'm not sitting at home crying... God is GOOD🙌🏽 thanks @bishopjakes and @tdjakesshow for having our family and being helpful and amazing to us as u always are😍 it HURTS my heart that people would call you a liar and or messy!!!..u are an AMAZING person, father, talk show host and Bishop and it's not FAIR that people are trying to tarnish the man of God that you TRULY are over a tv show...#imsorry #notfair #neitherisfavor😜 #bfv #t&v coming soon❤️(I'm apologizing to the bishop fOr some of YALL!!!...NOT for ME being ME??) 👉🏾💺

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Braxton was noticeably absent from Adrienne’s wedding in November to Israel Houghton. She either decided to not attend or her invitation was conveniently lost in the mail. Who else guess’ the latter?

#TamarBraxton getting some things off her chest 😩😩👀👀 #PettyWap

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