Dallasblack.com: PHYSICAL VIOLENCE ALERT! LAWD...Tammy had to put her hands on a woman for trying to lie on Waka Flocka!


Friday, April 22, 2016 11:00 AM

PHYSICAL VIOLENCE ALERT! LAWD...Tammy had to put her hands on a woman for trying to lie on Waka Flocka!

By: Jasmine Jackson

PHYSICAL VIOLENCE ALERT! LAWD...Tammy had to put her hands on a woman for trying to lie on Waka Flocka!
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap 4/18/16: Season 5 Episode 3

Happy Tuesday, if you’re like me you’re still laughing at Episode 3, it opened up with the conclusion of the Tammi and PETTY Idol’s fight.

Everyone loves a good bad girls club moment, but after the “tussle” I noticed how D.Smyth was all “I like you too, I can’t believe it went this far blah blah blah to Tammy. All while they are having their best friend moment, Petty Betty is outside screaming about her hair… that she didn’t feel being ripped out during the fight I guess.  Watch the fakeness from D.Smyth and the dramatic Betty moment in this clip below. 

Now Scrap jr (my nickname for this new scrappy on the show) well he’s running around the city letting the wind blow in his locks, and drops the bomb that he got caught up with weed and that stress along with the fact that he can't choose between his baby mama and the new almost baby mama. I mean homie is STRESSED and the only thing he can think of is to go to the wisest man he knows, his uncle Mr. sleazy himself. Stevie J.

Now question, was Mimi wrong to state that Chris was a female, should she have respected her wishes to be referred to as he? Will Chris be upset when she watches this episode back? Was Mimi warning him not to call her beautiful a set up for what their first meeting will be like? Lordddd what is next!? Oh and apparently Stevie needs to take some oral tips from Chris.

Im glad scrap Sr. finally told me bettys accolades cuz i was still wondering. This scene was about her being a hater 2 his ex. Still crying about her sew in. While Telling him 2 back, back but she's scooting all close to his face. Now I am not a bam fan in any way, shape or fashion. In fact hello, never forget this girl was in the hottub like a few seasons ago. I digress though. I am not mad for her, I'm mad for me! Scrap has lost weight and is looking extra McGood!

Anyway Bambi makes a surprise visit at Scraps house and it went a little something like this.

I really don’t have anything to say, the dog wanted to go lol. Scrappy isn’t mad, I did laugh at her taking the dog food, that was a small bag, she’ll be heading 2 the store soon enough. Scrap is basically still mad about this dog a few days later lol. And he breaks things off with Betty because she won’t apologize. I'm glad he dropped fake betty boop, one less storyline for her, hopefully it means less of her on my screen.

Ok so Tammi and D. Smyth were supposed 2 be “liking each other” remember. Well It swifted with “Dora the explorer bob” didn’t show up to Tammi’s cover event.

They met up later and D. Smyth was tripping for no reason. Damn at her juggling her boobs omg. That action alone dismissed everything Tammy originally said she wasn’t.

Omg at tommi and tiarra meeting up. Why on Earth did Scrap Jr think that would be a good idea? Did you see Tommi’s face? Ol’ girl was OUTTTTTTA THERE! She was ready to go grab her 33rd mugshot yo! LMAO! Look for yourself!

If I was scrap I would make a decision and QUICKLY! Tune in next week let’s see if Fake Betty Boop uses her new baldspot as storyline lol. Hopefully she sits next week out and makes room for Ms. Joseline Hernandez aka the BADDEST boosh!

Honorable mentions: Why is Jessica Dime’s messy self here? She is always going against the grain. Tiarra and her meeting up. They vibed over being golddiggers. Jessicas weave was stiff but somehow cute. That’s all I got though, she is like just too much for me. i want 2 really like her but she's on the wrong team, tommi has 32 flavors of mugshots Need I remind you lol.

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