Dallasblack.com: TERRIBLE news regarding 'EMPIRE' star Taye Diggs as he was involved in a car crash. [PHOTOS]


Thursday, January 05, 2017 5:01 PM

TERRIBLE news regarding 'EMPIRE' star Taye Diggs as he was involved in a car crash. [PHOTOS]

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

TERRIBLE news regarding 'EMPIRE' star Taye Diggs as he was involved in a car crash. [PHOTOS]

TERRIBLE news regarding 'EMPIRE' star Taye Diggs as he was involved in a car crash. [PHOTOS]

Taye Diggs (who may or may not be guilty of canoodling and cuddling with snuggle buddies) was apparently just in a pretty intense car accident. Yikes.

The 46-year-old—WOW, IS HE REALLY 46?! HE LOOKS AMAZING AND SHOULD START SHILLING SKINCARE PRODUCTS IMMEDIATELY—actor reportedly wrecked his Mercedes SUV while driving around Los Angeles yesterday evening.  We are going to go out on a limb and blame the rain. 

His car is now totaled and is in a ditch near Melrose Avenue. A ditch. Why are there ditches on Melrose Avenue? LA, what are you even doing? 


Not to mention, it seems that one of his tires popped off. Oof. Can’t have been a fun night for Taye, huh? Just the thought of having to deal with that type of traumatic occurrence is be pretty harrowing.  Poor Taye!

Ready for the good news? You sure? Okay, terrific. Taye seems fine. Whew. In fact, he even was well enough to share an adorable throwback snap on Twitter and another adorable throwback snap on Instagram. You know just how to keep us smiling, Taye!

#TBT @mixed.me Jamaica Tour! #MixedMe

A photo posted by Taye Diggs (@tayediggsinsta) on

Also, if he needs someone to nurse him back to health, we are more than happy to volunteer our services. And yes, we already know that he might not be a star at the whole commitment thing since he seems to have failed to keep his espièglerie ways under wraps during his union with Idina Menzel, which is why we would just stare at him in awe the whole time anyway.

The moral of the story is to avoid driving around LA when it rains because no one there knows how to handle it. NO ONE. Stay safe and just chill on the couch and enjoy some napping. And then get off our lawn, because we are apparently senior citizens in spirit today.


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