Dallasblack.com: Tiny Opens Up About The Extreme Lengths She Went To Find Out If T.I. Was Unfaithful


Thursday, July 05, 2018 2:14 PM

Tiny Opens Up About The Extreme Lengths She Went To Find Out If T.I. Was Unfaithful

By: Vincent Tucker

Tiny Opens Up About The Extreme Lengths She Went To Find Out If T.I. Was Unfaithful
Would you go this far?

The marriage drama of Clifford “T.I. Harris & Tameka “Tiny” Harris have been the talk of the internet for many years now as both. 

Tiny has a guest on the first episode of the newly revamped Kandi’s Kandi Koated Nights on Bravo starring her best friend and fellow Xscape member Kandi Burruss. It was an interesting choice for Tiny to be the first guest as the conversation was all about lies and cheating.  

Reports of infidelity have followed both parties. Who can forget the infamous 2014 altercation between T.I. & Floyd Mayweather at a Fat Burger in Vegas over the boxer’s “friendship” with Tiny? 

We know about all (un)faithful T.I. has reportedly been since the two said “I Do” in July of 2010. 

You may recall, the Harris’ almost went through a whole divorce after the rapper with allegedly running around with former “STARtender” and Instagram Model Bernice Burgos for a number of months in 2017. 

As we all know by now, T.I. was caught cheating in a video taken backstage after his concert last month. He was shown getting very handsy with Greenleaf star Asia'h Epperson.

#PressPlay: #TI spotted backstage last night at his show in Indiana by a fan who posted it on Snapchat 👀
During Tiny’s appearance on Kandi’s Kandi Koated Nights, she admitted to Kandi and the other guests on the program that she not only hire a private investigator to follow her man around but that she’s actually done so in the past. 

Kandi pressed on: “How’d that work out for you?”

Tiny replied by: “It worked out. I definitely would [recommend it], it’s expensive though. But it worked out.” 

On her now-canceled reality show, Tiny said she learned that T.I. cheated with someone she hired to work for her.

When asked about the true nature of her relationship with Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Tiny admitted that she did turn to him for ‘attention’…but was it anything more than that?

“That was really a buzzkill for me because everybody was like, ‘I ain’t talking to her. This man done swung on the heavyweight champion. No! Tell her to stay away!’ …[Floyd] flirted with me. I think that was fine. Everybody needs a little attention, especially if she ain’t getting it. If you ain’t giving it, she’s gonna go get it somewhere else.” 

But she says no funny business went on. “I didn’t really cheat. I didn’t [sleep with him]”.

One commenter wrote: “I love how men can dish it out but can’t take it. Here’s a question…how many females has T.I. flirted with? Was he completely faithful in the marriage? How many females “stroked” his ego when he was Tiny wasn’t doing enough?”

Another fan reacted to the news by saying: “Let’s be clear. If your man continually cheats on you and you stay, you get what you allow. Instead of trying to get revenge by treating him the same way, get some courage and walk away with dignity. The best revenge is moving on in peace and living well. If she needs to be out here flirting for attention, she’s wrong too!! If you don’t get the attention from your man and you’ve talked about it, and yet he keeps ignoring you but smacking other women’s [behinds] then yo [tail] needs to leave him. Find you a man that will give you attention without asking. Her choice is to stay and go the dirty path too. That’s wrong.”

Would you get a private investigator to find out if your partner was creeping on you?

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