Dallasblack.com: Tiny Wants Marriage To T.I. To Work But Warns Divorce Is Back On If He ‘Messes Up & Cheats Again’ — Report


Wednesday, August 16, 2017 1:51 PM

Tiny Wants Marriage To T.I. To Work But Warns Divorce Is Back On If He ‘Messes Up & Cheats Again’ — Report

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Tiny Wants Marriage To T.I. To Work But Warns Divorce Is Back On If He ‘Messes Up & Cheats Again’ — Report
One for the “empty threats” file…

Now that T.I. and Tiny seem to be back “on” (open marriage ultimatum in play and all), there are more sources crawling out of the woodwork to chime in on the situation. 

Guess we are all supposed to just willfully ignore the whole Bernice Burgos stuff that went on for…kind of a while. Even after Bernice and T.I. parted ways, it was a pretty cringe-worthy scenario

After a decade-plus relationship and raising seven children together, there is apparently a minimum that is required from the other party. One would think this would have been the case for a while though, right?

Not our business, we suppose.

A disher recently confided to HollywoodLife.com that “Tiny wants her marriage to work, and she wants to believe Tip when he says he does too. She is far from naive though, and can’t help being doubtful that he will be able to stay faithful to her. You can hardly blame her given his past track record. Tip knows he is on his last warning, and that if he ever cheats again, Tiny will kick him to the curb.”

Is that the lesson he is supposed to take away from everything that has transpired since Tiny first filed for divorce back in December 2016? All of that fighting is water under the bridge now?

They then added: “Right now, she’s giving him the benefit of the doubt, but Tiny’s keeping a close eye on his social media, email and text messages, and she’s warned Tip that if he puts one foot wrong, and messes up again, then the divorce is back on.”

Oh well. They will figure this out. And if they don’t, we will have plenty of news about the next split to chatter about. 

Look at us, finding the silver lining!

A different source shared some insight too; “In some ways, this breakup was really good for them; it put the spark back in the relationship. They are back to having date nights and romance; Tip has been wooing Tiny all over again […] She went through hell over the past six months, but she feels like God brought her out the other side.”

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