Dallasblack.com: WATCH: Karen King exposes Tommie Lee's fake relationship with Scrapp, life as a scammer & more!


Sunday, May 21, 2017 10:15 AM

WATCH: Karen King exposes Tommie Lee's fake relationship with Scrapp, life as a scammer & more!

By: Monya Fleming

WATCH: Karen King exposes Tommie Lee's fake relationship with Scrapp, life as a scammer & more!
Tommie Lee felt some kind of way after viewing the most recent episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta", apparently feeling betrayed for some reason over Karen King's comments on the show.

Both women took to social media to go off on one another. It's getting messy!

On the episode, Karen is shown attempting to bring Tommie and her mother together to discuss their issues. 

It's not obvious why Tommie felt dissed after viewing the episode, but she certainly isn't happy.

(You can Watch Below or Here)

Lee went off on her "auntie" on social media, calling her a hypocrite for drinking with her while calling her an alcoholic.

In the video, Tommie states, "The [expletive] are slander. You and your mother, like you got a problem but [they’ll] sit there and drink with you. Your choice is Hennessy, our choice is wine. [expletive] can smoke [expletive] two packs of Newports a day. Don’t nobody say [expletive] about that.

"At the end of the day, I always looked at her like an auntie. I don’t even call her KK. I call her auntie, [expletive]. That’s how I always looked at her and for you to come at me like this? I’m watching you be fake! I’m tired of being silent and giving this ho passes, man, nobody gives me no [expletive] pass. [Expletive], own up to your [expletive], man. You fake as [expletive]. Everything you say about me in that [expletive] TV is fake.

#PressPlay Who saw #LHHATL tonight? 👀 #Tommie #Karen AKA KK 👀

Fans weighed in on Tommie's video:
Ilovemeamanda wrote, "So after I watched the episode, idk why Tommie is so mad. She just wanted her and her mom to mend their relationship. This video just adds to the idea that people think you might really have a problem if you can't see around yourself and notice that alcohol heightens your sensitivity every time (Tommie and her mom specifically)."

And ambercream22 wrote, "They all drink..the only difference is Tommie and her mom can't control there liquor they become emotional n messy..as for kk ..yeah she drinks but she not on TV acting like a immature drunk..period."

Karen heard about Tommie's IG video and went off on her. King called Tommie out saying she is nothing but a bag of clothes and some cheap [expletive] shoes, calling her ungrateful. She went on to bring up Tommie's 42 arrests. 

She said of Tommie, "The network love you because you’re a [expletive] buffoon.”

King also threatened Lee, telling her "Don't [expletive] around [expletive] and get your head caved in [expletive] with your fake storyline since u say I said it was fake."

She goes on to suggest that Tommie was selling her body before she gave her a career. 

Wow! That went from zero to 100 fast! Do you think Tommie is being too sensitive when Karen is just trying to help her?

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