Dallasblack.com: Two Of The Other Usher Herpes Accusers Are Reportedly Close Friends Of His Ex-Wife And Current Wife


Monday, August 14, 2017 11:17 AM

Two Of The Other Usher Herpes Accusers Are Reportedly Close Friends Of His Ex-Wife And Current Wife

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Two Of The Other Usher Herpes Accusers Are Reportedly Close Friends Of His Ex-Wife And Current Wife

Boy, Usher’s PR team is probably working overtime right now. Or they have up and left, because the not-so-nice reports just keep coming. 

Can we blame them though? He isn’t making their jobs easier.

May we say it again? Wrap up your business. Wrap up your business. Once more, just for fun…WRAP UP YOUR BUSINESS, especially if you are infected with something. God. Though you have to do more than that in this case, we guess.

According to pals of Grace Miguel (and ex Tameka Foster, whose initial reaction to this Herpes mess still makes us burst into a fit of giggles), Usher gave them the virus. SHOCKING, we know.

Hope you were sitting down for that oh-so-startling revelation. 

Two of the several people currently suing Usher for giving them the herp are supposedly family friends. 

A source has revealed that Jane Doe no. 1, whom Usher seems to have tried to hush up with a million dollar pay-out, used to be a close with his first wife, Tameka. The second Jane Doe may be his current wife’s friend. Oof.

Usher told his buddies that his first wife was well aware that he had Herpes when she married him. Hm. 

He reportedly thinks all of these women have used him for the lifestyle and money he could give them. Well, yeah. But he evidently has been screwing plenty of people and it doesn’t really sound like he was being very, uh, picky about it.

The insider then revealed that Usher is still waiting for more alleged victims to come forward, trying to make money off of this scandal. But he allegedly can’t even remember half of the women he slept with.  What a great husband. 

Wonder if Grace Miguel still “isn’t paying [this situation]” any attention. Because, if so, that’s a terrible plan. 

A different source told outlets that the crooner confided some thoughts to his friends; “The minute the money came out [and] all the details were made public from the suit against me from my ex-wife’s friend — I knew every low-life [expletive] was gonna come out claiming this and that,” 

No comment. But, you know, those in glass houses, mister...

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