Dallasblack.com: Quantasia Sharpton, Usher's First Public Accuser, Blasted For Previously Making Up Sex Stories About Other Celebs


Tuesday, August 08, 2017 10:58 AM

Quantasia Sharpton, Usher's First Public Accuser, Blasted For Previously Making Up Sex Stories About Other Celebs

By: Monya Fleming

Quantasia Sharpton, Usher's First Public Accuser, Blasted For Previously Making Up Sex Stories About Other Celebs
The woman that is suing Usher for failing to reveal that he had herpes before they had sexual relations is being accused of attempting to scam the singer.

In a press conference on Monday, Bloom stated, "Today I am filing a lawsuit on behalf of two women and one man who say they had sexual contact with Mr. Raymond. All of my clients allege that they’ve had direct sexual contact with Mr. Raymond, and one of them has been tested positive.”

Two alleged victims that have joined the lawsuit wish to remain anonymous. However, Bloom was joined by one of her clients, 21-year-old Quantasia Sharpton, who alleged that she was 19-years-old when the singer noticed her and invited her backstage at one of his concerts.

Sharpton revealed that the singer asked for her phone number, later calling her from a blocked number to meet him at a hotel room. At that time, they were reportedly “engaged in sexual contact.”

Sharpton stated that she has tested negative for herpes, but adds that she certainly wouldn't have had sex with him if she had known he was infected with the STD. “My health is very important to me, especially because I am a mother,” Sharpton said.

After going public with her story, is Quantasia Sharpton actually telling the truth?

People are pointing out that just a week ago that Sharpton, who goes by the user name Angel Valentino on social media, had taken to Facebook to write, "I need some money." 

She's broke and need money. She was on Facebook begging for money on Monday. See previous post about her long list of lies.

Sharpton also allegedly wrote, "Enjoying my last couple of hours as a regular girl" on social media just hours before her press conference with celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom.

#usher latest accuser busted 😂😂 #angelvalentino I can't believe this!! 😲

Just hours after the press conference, a friend of Sharpton's began spilling the tea. He claimed that Quantasia has a history of “finessing” celebrity men, including August Alsina and Kirko Bangz.

Fameolous also shared a post that suggested Quantasia is a major scammer. 

The post read, "Update- The girl Quantasia Sharpton aka Angel Valentino lied on @usher . I can confirm that she never went back to the room with him let alone spent alone time with him. The truth is the girl is very delusional and she is known for being a liar. Her story about it being her bday is a lie. She lied to get into the event and when it was over she went back to her cheap hotel. I have witnesses who can account to this. She lied on @augustalsina as well telling people she “ran” a train on him and also lied about having twins. There was a time when she told ppl she was in a relationship with Keith Powers and she edited Luke James Wikipedia page to say that they were in a relationship. She met some dude name Jon Connor in the industry and got his name tatted on her the next day. On Monday she on was on Facebook begging for money♀️."

During a Facebook Live chat, several of Sharpton's friends called her out for being a liar and laughed about her claims she had sex with Usher. Her pals also claimed that Sharpton had previously lied about being pregnant by a celebrity and even having cancer.

Quantasia even joined the chat a few times. However, she was experiencing a bad Internet connection. Sharpton refused to discuss her lawsuit against Usher.
Quantasia’s friend remarked that she has a ‘history’ of finessing celebrities and that she even tricked somebody into believing she was pregnant. He also said that Sharpton "finessed August Alsina." 

Another one of her friends joined in to reveal that Quantasia once pretended to have cancer and even pretended that she had a son but “we never saw that baby ever!”

@augustalsina was her first victim but the media didn't pick it up. She told ppl she was pregnant by him for awhile. She told ppl worked at DefJam and met him there. All lies. She also made this Facebook post today😩😩😩😩See previous post

It remains to be seen if Quantasia is a liar and a fraud, but she is one of three alleged victims - two women and a man - suing Usher in the new lawsuit. 
The lawsuit claims the three plaintiffs had unprotected sex, or oral sex, with Usher because he is a 'revered celebrity in their eyes who they believed could be loved and trusted'.

All three of the alleged victims state that Usher failed to inform them he had herpes, before engaging in the alleged sexual encounters.

The lawsuit makes note of recent news reports that Usher admitted in court documents in 2012 to having the STD and that he settled the $20 million herpes lawsuit several years ago with a woman. 

The new lawsuit states the alleged victims have suffered severe emotional distress, birthing complications, stress, depression and anxiety about contracting or being exposed to herpes. 

The lawsuit was filed by celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom in California on Monday. 

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