Dallasblack.com: Tamar Braxton's Husband Vincent Herbert Addresses Divorce Rumors Amid Cheating Reports


Thursday, September 07, 2017 12:10 PM

Tamar Braxton's Husband Vincent Herbert Addresses Divorce Rumors Amid Cheating Reports

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Tamar Braxton's Husband Vincent Herbert Addresses Divorce Rumors Amid Cheating Reports
It sure isn’t a great week to be a celebrity couple, is it? 

Tamar Braxton had a bit of an emotional episode during an Instagram Live session , leading many to wonder whether she is having issues with her husband, Vincent Herbert. Again, supposedly.

And then Vincent was in a pretty scary-sounding car accident. Don’t worry, he was reportedly shaken, but not seriously injured. Though some are claiming that he spent two days in the hospital? Hm.

Vincent is not in the mood for the gossip though. He claims that “there’s no trouble in paradise,” and says that his wife cares deeply about him and his well-being.

So #tamarbraxton was on ig live and she was crying we hope everything is ok with her #gossiptwins
She evidently flew back to California after the accident (which he also addressed, by the way, explaining, “I’m doing well, but in a lot of pain”).

“I’m upset about the lies claiming she doesn’t care about me. That’s my wife. I’m really sick of the lies. Sick of all the blogs.”

Sorry, sir. 

He doesn’t seem to have addressed all the infidelity mutterings though? Kind of a weird call, but sure.

One fan weighed in on the divorce rumors by saying: “Girl who knows could be anything, anyone. Everyone saying Vince but those rumors been around all year I think it’s one of her sisters.”

Another jumped in with: “Yea the Vince talks have been going on forever…idk what to believe when it comes to their relationship, on the one hand, I can see where something could b off, but on the other hand, I’m like hmmm they seem to genuinely love each other…idk if it’s her sisters either…friends maybe? Idk but I wish her the best n hope everything works out for her!”

Others stated that they think the world need to butt out and let the couple live their truth. Which, fine, yeah, it’s their business and it’s personal, but maybe don’t go and cry about issues on social media then. Just saying. It’s out there because they put it out there, right?

I knooooooowww u see it🥂❤️
Oh and Tamar is apparently gearing up for a promotional roll-out for her new album, so maybe this is just a publicity plot or something. 

My BEST work to date. My new album. Bluebird of Happiness. I know I keep saying coming SOON. But I promise you I can NOT wait to share this project with you. Pre-Order and OFFICIAL release date will be revealed before you know it. Until then BUCKLE up and get ready to fly. 🐦🐦🐦🐦

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