Dallasblack.com: Wale Reacts To Criticism After Showering His Daughter In $1 Bills For Her Birthday — Watch


Monday, August 07, 2017 7:34 AM

Wale Reacts To Criticism After Showering His Daughter In $1 Bills For Her Birthday — Watch

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Wale Reacts To Criticism After Showering His Daughter In $1 Bills For Her Birthday — Watch
We hate when random Internet keyboard warriors get up in arms about the parenting choices of strangers. Like, go for a run or something instead.

On that note, rapper Wale is currently in the imaginary hot seat for a recent video he posted. He is a first-time-dad and he seems fine with spoiling his daughter. Who is ADORABLE, in case you didn’t know. Like seriously, so, so cute.

Well, Wale shared a clip from his baby girl’s first birthday in which his daughter is being showered with dollars bills. 

It is evidently celebratory customs called, “spraying”, which is a practice where people “spray” money all over individuals while they’re dancing.

Glad we had have that information now, because we kind of…thought this was a joke about something else. Guess we should have paid attention to the caption, which should have been a give-away. Our bad.

You want to know why people are mad though? Because he is exposing her to “greed”. Uhhh…that is such a strange angle to take with this whole scenario! So idiotic.

Wale doesn’t care about anyone’s reaction though. He actually deleted the video off of Instagram (before deleting his page), but it’s still up on Twitter. Check it out below! 

TMZ has since caught up with the rapper to ask him what he thought of the comments and he shared that it’s something that he is “used to.”

“I didn’t really care. That’s just a little bit of the ignorance that be in this country sometimes for other cultures. I’m not tripping – I’m used to it.”

Wale continued to explain that his Nigerian pride and roots are here to stay. Good! 

The D.C. native then went on to add, “You just have to respect other people’s traditions on all levels. Before you speak on it, you should know about it. I’m proud of where I come from and my family’s heritage. I never even thought for a second that it was anything wrong with it because that’s all, I knew when we were growing up.” 

Wise words. At least Google some stuff before you open your mouth. A lesson that we can all agree on, probably.

Watch TMZ catch up with Wale About People Hating on the 'Spraying Celebration'

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