Dallasblack.com: WATCH: Wendy Williams Went In And Gathered Tyrese Together on Behalf of Women Everywhere


Friday, April 14, 2017 10:15 AM

WATCH: Wendy Williams Went In And Gathered Tyrese Together on Behalf of Women Everywhere

By: Martel Sharpe

WATCH: Wendy Williams Went In And Gathered Tyrese Together on Behalf of Women Everywhere
Wendy Williams is not holding back her opinion of why she thinks Tyrese continues to feel the need to criticize women but never has anything negative to say about men. 

Wendy seems to think that the Tyrese’s rants on women and failure to point out anything about men, might point to a case of homosexuality. She didn’t exactly say it like that but she did she that “Tyrese only talks bad about women because he…likes men,”.

After she made this comment, Wendy took a sip of her hot tea and then joked that she likes women. Almost as if she didn’t realize that she had just made a shady comment. 

Tyrese has been in the spotlight recently, not for his role in the new Fate of the Furious movie, but for his comments about women. He likes to talk about they way they take care of themselves. He shames them for plastic surgery, fake hair, fake eyelashes, and nails. He’s also calling women out for promiscuity. Interesting enough, he has not said one word about men and their faults.

Here’s the clip that set Wendy Williams and the whole internet off:

It’s no secret that there are a good number of men who cheat and lie. There are also men who know who to treat a lady. Not to mention there are men who can’t do simple things like keep a job or build a savings account. The whole gender conversation is actually pointless because both men and women have similar faults. They shift and change from decade to decade but there are usually bad habits on both parts. 

Maybe instead of lecturing women, Tyrese should spend more time mentoring young men. It would be more productive if he used some of his life experience to teach young men, especially Black men, who to conduct themselves. He can mentor them on how to treat women, get this money, and stay out of trouble to live past 50-years-old. Tyrese is a singer and actor, so she should teach seminars on the music and film industry. 

The point is, Tyrese thinks that he's teaching people something when he has no idea what he's talking about. It would be more productive he talked about things that he actually has experience and knowledge on. 

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