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Saturday, June 18, 2016 2:19 PM

Whatever Happened To Miss Cleo?

By: Christopher Knowles

Whatever Happened To Miss Cleo?

Whatever Happened To Miss Cleo?

Nothing is certain. We don't know anything about what the future holds for anyone. We can plan, have an outline, an idea, but there is no guarantee we will execute that course of action exactly how we wanted to. Wouldn't it be nice if someone could just tell us what was going to happen before it happened and saved us the heartache of not knowing?

Money, relationships and health are big topics for anyone to be concerned for the future about. If there was a way to find out, would you seek answers to your questions? That's exactly what millions of people did when the patronized famed television personality and telephone psychic Miss Cleo.

Some of us may be too young to remember the commercials, and growing up in the 90s you couldn't avoid hearing a "call Miss Cleo" clip, in a time where televisions still had a tube in the back. Free tarot reading was advertised incessantly.

Claiming to be a true Jamaican psychic, word quickly spread that she was indeed a fraud in her psychic abilities as well as Jamaican origin.

Youree "Miss Cleo" Dell Harris, was working in association with the Psychic Readers Network, she is alleged to finesse customers to the tune of $1 billion dollars. She was able to do this with the rates per minute of phone calls with customers, leading to extremely high bills.

Since the accusations, she's successfully faded to black when it comes to the public. Chased from popularity, angry customers, and other accusations she went into hiding out of necessity. You would think a psychic would be able to predict playing with people's money and emotions are a big mistake. Recently, Vice did a documentary entitled, Hotline, answering all of our questions we may have about her. A snippet is listed below.

On how she got started in working for hotlines:

I was a very well-known psychic in the United States on a hotline for two years out in public, and about two to three years just on the hotline itself.”

“I come from a family of spooky people. I don’t know how else to say it. I come from a family of Obeah—which is another word for voodoo. My teacher was Haitian, [a mambo] born in Port-au-Prince, and I studied under her for some 30 years and then became a mambo myself. So they refer to me as psychic—because the word voodoo scares just about everybody. So they told me, ‘No, no, no, we can’t use that word; we’re going to call you a psychic.’ I said, ‘But I’m not a psychic!’”

On how much money she really made:

“I’m going to quote you a number from the FBI. They were pulling down—[using] my face, my talent—$24 million a month, for two years straight. For the first 30-minute infomercial I did for them, I made $1,750 for the two and a half days on set. I had a bad contract. But everybody else thought I had more money than God, and my response to that usually was, ‘Well, God is a poor son of a b-tch.’”

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On her “Jamaican” accent:

“The people I used to work for didn’t want people to know that I was an accomplished playwright. They didn’t want people to know anything. They wanted people to think I just came fresh from Jamaica.

So I had some Jamaican people who were angry with me, saying that I was a bad representative of theirs. I’ve always said, ‘it’s not my company.’”

On why she still speaks with an accent:

“Look, I’m old and I’m tired; my speech is loose. My kids are always like, ‘Mom, you get worse every day.’ I have a niece who is an attorney for the state of Florida, and we’ll go out somewhere, and she’ll say, ‘Mama, they can’t understand you; speak English… Your English is, you know… hurting.’”

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