Dallasblack.com: Here's Why Lil' Wayne Is Reportedly Getting Sued for Committing a Hate Crime


Sunday, June 18, 2017 9:26 AM

Here's Why Lil' Wayne Is Reportedly Getting Sued for Committing a Hate Crime

By: Martel Sharpe

Here's Why Lil' Wayne Is Reportedly Getting Sued for Committing a Hate Crime
Rapper Lil Wayne has recently had a civil rights lawsuit filed against him. He’s accused of a racially motivated hate crime that allegedly occurred last year outside of a Hollywood nightclub. 

According to TMZ, a White bouncer named Andrew Nunemacher claims that he was working the front door at Hyde nightclub on Sunset Strip when things went left. The same night was a BET Music Awards after-party, which Lil Wayne showed up to. Things got very heated at the front door and Wayne allegedly punched Andrew with a closed fist, which knocked him to the ground. 

After he was knocked down, the bouncer claims that Wayne threw a glass filled with alcohol at his face and yelled, “[expletive] you, white boy!”  Lil Wayne denies the claims but Nunemacher doesn’t care as he’s suing Wayne, his label, and the club for damages, assault, and battery. (He might as well sue BET while he's at it since he’s going around passing out lawsuits.) He also wants a $25,000 civil penalty added on his damages for the hate crime.

Was this a hate crime? No, Wayne (If he actually did this) was probably just high and drunk and acting a fool. Does that excuse his behavior? Absolutely not.  If Wayne was in the wrong, he should answer for his behavior. 
Is this man overreacting? Duh!!! Sorry for what happened to you Andrew, but you are a bouncer. By definition, you should be able to handle a skinny short Black guy causing trouble. If anything you should lose your job because you’re a liability.

Clearly, Andrew wants money and he sees an opportunity to get it. It makes sense to sue Lil Wayne, however only a money hungry person would sue the club. What possible defense could he have for being hired to do a job and then suing the employer because he wasn’t able to do it correctly? That’s like a McDonald’s employee mopping the floor and then suing McDonald's because they slipped on the floor they just mopped. Andrew’s whole job description was to prevent or be able to diffuse situations like this and he failed.

Also, why sue Wayne’s label? All this comes down to the fact that Andrew is embarrassed and he wants revenge. He does deserve a little something, but nowhere close to what he trying to get. 

No Comment for Lil' Wayne yet on the suit

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