Dallasblack.com: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Spoofs Sign Language Interpreter & President Obama’s Selfie Debacle


‘Saturday Night Live’ Spoofs Sign Language Interpreter & President Obama’s Selfie Debacle

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You knew it was going to happen. There was no way Saturday Night Live was going to let  Saturday night’s episode go by without making fun of the week’s international pieces of news. So they ahead and kicked off the episode with it.

Jay Pharoah played President Obama and he “addressed the nation,” talking about the week’s events:

“I felt like Lemony Snicket because I experienced a series of unfortunate events.  I mean, first I got roped into taking a selfie with the blonde, female Danish Prime Minister. Some people said Michelle was angry at me for that, but I talked to her afterwards and I can assure you, she was furious.”

As the skit went on Pharoah, as Obama, began to address the healthcare issues and that’s when Keenan Thompson popped into the shot as the South African sign language interpreter who turned out to be a fraud.

Thompson made different hand and body gestures when “President Obama” said certain words.

The skit may or may not have been funny but one thing is clear: Jay Pharoah does a hell of a President Barack Obama impersonation, doesn’t he? The voice is perfect!

Check out the clip below.

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